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Peripheral Neuropathy

Am I the only one who has been fighting peripheral Neuropathy in my feet and no can seem to find the cause, I have had I think every test there is to have to try to figure out whats going on, I am a 39 year old mother of 2 who seem to have to many medical thing going on for my age, I'v been fighting peripheral neuropathy in my feet now for 10+ yrs, I get burning, tingling, acking, in my feet, and the heat is crazy when iver I put any shoes on my feet it feels like the oxigen is being cut off in my feet. they become so hot and then when they cool off they feel so cold due to the numbness, I had tried so many different meds and none has been able to help me, besides finding out that I had reactions to some, so finaly I had a bad reaction to one med that I ended up in ER so then I desided on having the spinal cord stimulator put in it helps a tittle but I still have so much pain in my feet, I feel like I am going to lose my mind, unable to stand for very long periods of time, I do have high cholesterol , IBS proplems, Ulcers on my overies, back problem, like arthopathy in lower spine, meaning arthritas,  I am having cycle problem since sept. of last year, having them every 14-19 days, had IUD put in now been bleeding for 26 days, not sure what to do, have follow up apt. w/ DR, in 2 weeks, about that issue, My DR. also said I am hypoclacemic. I know that my aunt had a lot of medical problem, is it possible I could of inherited some of her jeans, I do know my mother has some simular problems. I know that she was always Hypoglacimic, but now her Dr, just diagnosed her as having diabeties, so now she has to take pills, I guess this is type 2 diabeties. is there any one who knows where I am coming from. like I said I am way to young to have these kind of problem, sometimes people look at me like I am a hypocondriact. but I not everything is documented with my DR.
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Hi TF,

Welcome to MedHelp's Pain Management Forum. I am so sorry to hear about all you painful medical problems and symptoms. Life is much too short and complicated to struggle through it with uncontrolled pain.

I do not think you are a hypochondriac. There are many ppl that suffer from documented medical conditions, that does not make one a hypercondriac, but it certainly males the journey through life much more challenging.

Peripheral neuropathy can result from such problems as traumatic injuries, infections, metabolic problems and exposure to toxins. There are some interesting articles that you can goggle regarding causation's. One of the most common causes of the disorder is diabetes. I guess the cause does not matter at this point, it is the treatment that causes you is of more importance. It is my understanding that peripheral neuropathy us basically irreversible.

In addition to the SPS you may want to try other options. If not they have proved successful for some. I assume you have tried all the medications such as those in the anti-seizure family like, gabapentin, topamax and lyrica. Anti-depressants can also be useful. Though neither of those family of meds were originally manufactured to treat pain they have proven effective. There are the usual pain relievers from NSAID's to Opiates. I encourage you to discuss a trial and error of a combination of these meds until you find one that will more successfully treat your pain from the neuropathy. I am sorry that I do not have better suggestions to offer you.

It is a proven fact that many conditions are familial. In other words it can be in your genes. An example, every female member in my immediate family on my mother's side, aunt, first cousins, nieces, sister, mother, grandmother, great grandmother ALL have bad knees. Everyone of us have had to either have a knee replacement(s) or are looking at one in the future. Some of our knee issues began in our mid-twenties. These incidences are too strong to be a coincidence. Another example is my step-father who came from a family of eight, all eight siblings died with cancer between the ages of 42 to 77. Again too strong to be a coincident.

I assume you have been to or are seeing a PMP. If not I would consider a consult and an evaluation at a good pain management clinic.

You are very young to be having all these medical issues. I can't provide you with solutions but I can ask you to become an active member of our community. Some of us have undiagnosed symptoms, all of us have chronic pain. We suffer every day in varying degrees. We offer one another support, empathy and suggestions and exchange information. It helps to know that we are not alone in this painful journey.

Hopefully others will post and offer their ideas however weekends tend to be a bit slower than week days. Please let us know how you are doing and keep in touch. I will look forward to your updates.  

Take Care,
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Hello TF70 and welcome to the Pain Forum.

I'm sorry that you're not well. I'm wondering if the Doctors have actually made the diagnosis of Neuropathy? Your symptoms sound so much like a condition called Raynauds Syndrome. This can actually mimic Neuropathy symptoms.

I ask because I too suffer from Raynauds Syndrome. I was tested for the Neuropathy's but only to find that it was negative. After careful consideration by my Doctor, was the diagnosis of Raynauds made.

Diabetes has been known to skip a generation. Keep an eye on your weight. Weight is usually a huge contributer to diabetes.

I'm not sure what else to tell you except maybe it's time to find another Doctor. One with a fresh set of eyes. And you're right...you're too young to be experiencing these problems. Is it possible that stress is a contributer? It's entirely possible.

Others will post as the day goes on. Please take care and good luck in the future.

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My husband has Raynauds Diisease but it effects upper extremities and not his lower ones. It can be painful., I'm sorry to hear that  Raynauds Syndrome. Both are painful. If Good point Molly, if TF has symptoms of the condition she should consider discussing this with her physician.

Raynaud's disease (which is primary) where the phenomenon is idiopathic, and Raynaud's syndrome (which is secondary Raynaud's), where it is caused by some other instigating factor. They are vascular disorders that affects blood flow to the extremities (the fingers, toes, nose and ears) when exposed to cold temperatures or in response to psychological stress. Extremities show color change, react to cold and the condition is cyclic. Again if TF has these symptoms she should consider researching this possibility with her  physician.

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I'm sorry to hear of your husband. It can also effect the feet. I thought I had the Neuropathy and after careful consideration..It was discovered that the "electrcal pain" associated with the cold temp. was indeed Raynaud's. This is straight from my Doctor.

Have a great day :)
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Please ask your doctors or research reflex sympathetic dystrophy also known as complex regional pain syndrome. I have rsd in both my hands..many of your symptoms in your feet are the same I have in my hands...I hope and pray this isn't it...take care and let us know how you are doing...Tresa
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I have peripheral nephropathy. Burning feet, fidgety feet, numb feet ... all in one. I am using Lyrica 450mg morning anf 450mg night. I built up to this over 7 years, starting with 75mg just at night. I am on the verge of having to pop some extra Lyrica .  I have had a battery of tests with no proper diagnosis other than that the fine hair cell nerves are getting irritated by sugar in the cells around them. I am not diabetic but am on the curve in that my metabolisis of sugar is slightly slower than normal.

It all started 7 years ago when the underside of my foot felt a bit warm. I even wondered if there was a problem in my shoes picking up heat from the footpath. We were in Hawaii on holidays at the time.

About a year ago, I went on a protein diet - lots of fish, beans, eggs, steak and no (zero) carbs. Within a month I had reduced my Lyrica. Since going back to a regular diet, my need for Lyrica went up again. I am male, 6ft, 110kg (230pounds) and recently went on the Lite n Easy diet (am in Australia) and this is high in carbs so am wondering if that has contributed to my peripheral nephropathy pain. I am planning to lose 20kg (44pounds) and the diet works, so I will put up with the pain and then switch to a eating regime that is lower on carbs.
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