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Plantar fascitis/knee problem

Hi! I have plantar fascitis in my right foot Following 'skiing' down the stairs about a year ago). I have recently quit smoking and gained a little weight (only about 4LBS) but am overweight anyway. I find now that I cannot get up and down the stairs as the knee on my left leg is beginning to suffer. I have been on nsaids for a while and now suffer with indigestion. Bought a treadmill to up my exercise levels to lose some weight but am in too much pain to go on it! Any advice?
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Oh Shelly!!! I could not turn down fresh baked bread either. It is my favorite!!! It reminds me of when my Grandma would come for a visit....when I opened the door from school I could smell the aroma of fresh baked bread. Grandma made Hot Tea to dip in the pipping hot bread, dripping with butter (Grandma was English (tea), raised in WI (butter)) and we were in Heaven!  Can I come visit you at work???

But back to the subject. "Clicking" can be normal for some ppl. I've had it all my life as did my father, mostly without pain. Now that my knee is bad the clicking is unchanged but it hurts more often and "grinds" according to my Orthro Surgeon. I hope you'll be able to obtain some pain relief and meet your goals.

Please stay active in our community, respond to posts and keep us updated on you. We welcome you to our community.

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Thanks for your words of encouragement....its nice to know there are other people out there coping and achieving goals despite disobediant bodies!! I think my knee is as a consequence of the foot on the other side. Doctor never said but has referred me to the hopsital with my foot. I find that in actual fact both knees 'click' when I walk but its the left one which is most painful.
I get what you are saying about calories. I know I could lose weight by cutting out bread. The problem I have there is I work for Warburtons (the best bread company) and bake bread every single day. Fresh baked bread is hard to resist :o/
I know, I know. I got to get a grip and if i want to lose the weight I will have to resist. The food diary on here is helping so am hoping to report some weight loss in a weeks time.
Anyway, once again, thanks for your reply and you take care too :o)
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Hi Shelly,

I am sorry to hear about your painful symptoms. Have you had the pain in your knee diagnosed? Is it due to an injury, arthritis or from a gait change due to your plantar fasciitis? Knowing the cause can help with the treatment.

I was diagnosed with fistulas on the underside of my right patella about two years ago which can make my knee extremely painful. After an unplanned weight loss in the past year I am still about 10 lbs over weight and my pain is unchanged. My orthopedic surgeon told me that my weight had no bearing on the amount of pain I was experiencing....I thought he was mistaken as the consensus is that weight will make any knee pain worse. Well he was absolutely correct. Forty some pounds lighter and my knee hurts today as much as it did before I lost the weight.

Weight loss isn't all about exercise....it's also, (in my opinion) more so about calories. Obviously exercise burns calories and weight loss is easier with increased activity. However I have been unable to exercise for years and I still manage to lose weight through calorie counting. There are also upper body exercises that can be done without involving your lower extremities. Please look into this and consult your PCP who can best direct you on a good exercise and diet program that will not involve excessive or any knee motion.  

Maintaining or obtaining a healthy body weight is important is all aspects of our lives. Frankly I think a few extra pounds is better then being under-weight.... although there are some scientific facts on either side of the coin.  :o)

Also discuss your gastrointestinal symptoms with your PCP. NSAIDs did a number on my GI Tract....but with medication the painful and annoying symptoms are fairly well controlled. It took some trial and error but we found the right combination of meds. I am hopeful that you will be able to do the same.    

I wish you well and hope that you will let us know how you are doing.

Best of Luck and Take Care,
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