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Please help me. I'm so lost

Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and I've been living with that annoying pain for 19 years. 8 years ago I discovered this "miracle pill" norco that made all my pain and depression disappear. I've been addicted since day one. I get prescriptions from my primary care doctor 150 pills for 30days (5 a day). I'm usually out by my second week and just buy it on the streets. Just last month I was due for my refill at CVS and I was in another town so I got it transferred there and picked it up. Then the next day, the usual CVS I go to filled my norco too that I gladly picked up! So I had 2months worth of norco last month . Since my refill was coming up this month I requested a new refill on the CVS website. I refilled the one I picked up from the other town. Then it seemed to not go through so I filled the other script from the pharmacy that messed up. Now both requests went through to my doctor. The nurse called me the next day and I lied and said I only got it from one CVS. This is the nurse that likes me so she really seemed like she genuinely believed me. But now I think my dr is denying my prescription because I have to make multiple refill requests. My question is...what should I do? Should I call her and come clean and say it was an accident? How would you know if you've been red flagged? I know I messed up big time and now I'm out of my norco. I'm so ashamed. I know I have this addiction and I feel like I can't live without it because this stupid arthritis causes me pain every hour of every day. And I also have 3 kids under the age of 6 to take care of. I get anxiety just thinking about how horrible my life has turned out but I'm scared to live in excruciating pain without my norco. Thanks for reading and any comments good or bad is appreciated.
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You are ready for the truth now. Here's the truth. Call up your doctor tomorrow and come clean. Leave out ALL the ********. Don't even say "I had extra pain and I just needed to blah blah blah blah."

Just give up.

Give in. Give up. Call your doc, come clean.

After a few short days of withdrawals (have your doctor walk you through it), you will experience the most blissful joy that you haven't felt for 8 years! I kid you not. Even the pain from the arthritis will feel good.

You will feel alive, you will be MOM again.

Call your doc NOW -- leave a message!

Do it.
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you are red flagged you a pill seeker addict

get help and tell doc you cannot have any prescription pain killers you have a addictive personality

the pain that withdrawal ghost pain your so addicted your body is causing pain to get you back on it

there are non prescription drugs but accidents surgery etc they will be weary of giving you anything

you need treatment

were her to help but only if you want help

i live daily a 10 or more on pain scale a 8 is a good day chronic pain fibromyalgia 3 severe accidents and lower back is gone and just lost a band that controls my leg i cant walk without a steel brace to hold me up

so i know pain and im happy to walk anyone through less drugs dealing with it contact me if you want and see what the group has for you

your admitting and seeing a problem now its time to fix it

good luck
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