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Pm and testing for thc

I have had surgery twice on my lower back and was put on gabapentin for nerve damage and the meds made me very sick so I started smoking pot, it work on my mother whom had cancer per the suggestion of her doctor but not a suggestion cause of it being illegal. The back pain is back and the surgean  referred me to PM and gave me the same meds gabapentin and hydrocodone, so I started smoking again otherwise I get sick dont eat, puke bile.  PM did a drug test, which I told them about the pot and they said no injections without it but would put me on tramadol due to FDA law. Ok, no problem atleast I thought until 7 days later I'm being admitted in the hosp due to anaphyactic shock, I was released 26hrs later with prednison for 2 days which are messing with my tummy big time and was told to notify my family doc, surgean and PM. PM dropped me cause of allergies ( not the first doc to do that over my allergies) anyway, went family doc today cause my allergy is spiking and dont want to spend another night at the hosp. she is treating my pain for now also but wants me to get with another PM doc, so now I'm back hydro and prednisone. I've lost 12lbs in one week and miserable. wanting to smoke so i can eat and not puking out my tummy, and family doc wont give me anything to ease my tummy due to allergies spiking. Wanna smoke but need the hydrocodone for my pain. Any suggestions   wow I hope this makes sense
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With all your allergies can you be reacting to the inactive ingredients in the meds I know I drive my doctors crazy w/the list of ingredients I cannot have in my meds.  Can you try ginger tea? (Yogi makes a great one and it is also anti-inflammatory so it might help with the pain.) I mix ginger and peppermint and that helps my stomach a ton when it is bothering me. It also helps with the strong taste of the ginger and both are anti-inflammatories.

I hope this helps,
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Are you smoking medical marijuana or were you obtaining it illegally off the street?  The reason I ask is because there are some doctors out there that will support both medications as long as medical marijuana is legal in your state.  They are hard to find but typically the doctor you would visit to get your MMJ license renewed would prescribe the opioids or refer you to another doctor that is MMJ Friendly.  Another option is for you to ask the doctor for a prescription for Marinol...it is synthetic THC.  I should mention that when my mother was dying from cancer, she said that the Marinol wasn't helping her eat, it was only the real marijuana that helped but things may be different for you.

Good luck.

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The nausa is finally gone to the point where I can eat more. My first PM doc messed me up worse than before, now my left foot and big toe is numb as well as my right big toe,( which I thought was numb due to the swelling from my allergic reaction) ( which is finally all clear) and left leg has a dull ache, I found a really awesome new PM doc which has explained more than any other doc has and I have fiborsis from the scar tissue and it forming on the sciatica nerve stem. looking into nerve stimulation and praying I dont have an allergic reaction to it. Thank you for your help. I have decided that smoking for nausa isn't for me. I need my PM doc and help for this nerve damage. I did try peppermint thanx but do not like ginger.
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no its not legal here!
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