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Prayer Request

Hi everyone.  I want to let you all know that a friend of ours here at MH could really use some prayers right now.  El_em_en_oh has been in the hospital since August 19 for kidney surgery.  His wife kindly added me to her email list for updates on his condition.  

LMNO has an incurable and basically untreatable medical condition that causes a tremendous amount of kidney stones to form along with kidney polyps.  The hope for this surgery is to gain maybe two or three months of greatly lessened pain, and of course improved function.  While they were in there, the docs cleaned out as many stones as possible to buy some time before new ones form and get big enough to cause trouble.  

There were complications from the original surgery that resulted in internal bleeding, so LMNO had another surgery yesterday.  Aside from the original 5 small laparascopic incisions, he now has a 1.5" incision in his back and a 1.75" abdominal incision.  

LMNO is not at all happy about having to be on IV pain meds because he is a recovering addict.  It all started with pain management, which is one reason why he posts on this forum.  Can you imagine dealing with severe chronic pain for the rest of your life without narcotics?  I sure can't.  

As of this morning, less than 24 hours after his second surgery, he refuses any pain relief but oral norco.  LMNO's substance abuse recovery is extremely important to him, hence his decision to stop the IV pain meds far earlier than the doctors recommend.  I can't begin to imagine the pain he is enduring right now, but more power to him for keeping his eye on the recovery ball!  Please keep LMNO in your prayers for a speedy recovery.  :-)
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Sending Prayer your way LMNO. Please get well.

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Jaybay - PLEASE let LMNO know that I'm thinking of him and PRAY that he will be able to get through this the BEST that he can without his IV meds!!  Like you, I CAN'T even FATHOM what he is enduring right now!!  

I hope that you will tell him that I'm sending my BEST WISHES to him and he is in my Thoughts and Prayers for a SPEEDY Recovery.  I ALSO hope and pray that there will be NO MORE complications from his original OR his secondary surgeries!!  I've seen him post about the Kidney stones before BUT I had NO idea how Critical his condition is.

Thank you for posting about his condition so that we can ALL share our well wishes - and our Thoughts and Prayers for his FULL and QUICK Recovery!!!......Sherry
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Best wishes and prayers definitely being sent.
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Please let elemenoh that I will pray for him also.

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Wow!  I'm adding him to my prayers, too!!  I, too, saw the posts but had no idea how bad the condition is.  And I CANNOT begin to think about recovering from anything without medications, never mind what he's gone through.  Hope more updates bring good news.
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I had no idea he had such an awful condition.  I knew he is in successful recovery and his strength is so admirable.  I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.
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Let him please know he's in my thoughts and prayers! He should be commended for his strength and determination but please let him know to do what he thinks is best.
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Thanks for the update, please let him know he's in my thoughts and prayers.
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That sounds just awful!  Please let him know prayers are on the way.
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It didn't take me long to learn that LMNO is a brave individual. His commitment to being clean and sober is commendable. He and I have discussed his chronic medical condition and the extreme pain that he suffers most every waking minute.  However I did not know that he was having this surgical procedure. So thanks Jaybay for the update.

I have heard two surgeries on my kidney's and can attest to the fact that it is extremely painful. Indeed two of the most painful surgical procedures I have ever endured...... And I have had so many that I have lost count. His pain must be tremendous without IV opiates.  

Please let him know that we are very concerning and that he will remain in my prayers.

Thank You Again,
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I hope he feels better soon, he is in my thoughts.
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I also wanted to thank you, Jaybay, for getting the updates and letting us know.  I know prayer is a great help with the pain and stress for me and I am glad we can do something, anything, to help our forum member.  
I hope that he gets better and will be back with us soon.  I can't imagine how hard it is to go through the pain of surgery without meds.  His resolve is so encouraging to me while I'm tapering down, myself.  Please let his wife know we are all thinking of and praying for him.
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I just had a TERRIBLE thought!!  Since we know that LMNO doesn't want to take ANY MORE Narcotics than is ABSOLUTELY necessary - WHAT are the chances of him forming Adhesions under this abdominal incision?  Now YOU KNOW that I don't know much about adhesions BUT don't they form when there is an abdominal incision involved?

That thought just PETRIFIES me when I think of that happening to LMNO!!

Sorry - I GUESS I'm HOPING that YOU will tell me that there is NO CHANCE of that happening to LMNO!!  Keeping my Fingers Crossed!!!......Sherry
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Sherry, that thought has crossed my mind more than once in the past couple of days.  Adhesions are always a possibility with any surgery, but only time will tell if LMNO has to add that to what he's already dealing with.  Most people don't even know they're there to tell you the truth.  It's when the scar tissue grabs hold of structures and starts moving them out of place or obstructs intestines that they become a problem.  Medicine itself has nothing much to offer in the way of prevention right now, so there are no guarantees one way or the other.  The good news is that LMNO has had surgeries in the past and adhesions haven't troubled him, so let's hope that record continues!
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OOPS!  I forgot to add that I'll copy everyone's posts to LMNO's wife before I go to bed tonight.  I know their spirits will be greatly uplifted to see so much support going their way.  Hopefully we'll have some better news tomorrow.  :-)
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Thank you so much for explaining more to me about the adhesions.  I can't think of anything more devastating to have hapen to him right now than to be faced with that possibility right now!!  I'm HOPING that his record holds and he is one of the LUCKY ones that the adhesions DON'T affect!!!

Again, Jaybay, I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to explain this and ALSO for keeping us updated on LMNO!!  

Thank you...............Sherry
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LMNO...wishing you all the best for a fast and as painless a recovery as God can provide, you are a very strong and brave man...♥Opus
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I am sending prayers to our dear friend LMNO for a speedy recovery .
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