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I am diagnosed with PTSD, Arthritis, Bipolar manic depression,anxiety, fibromyalgia muscle spasms, edrometrosis,  a constsant aching in my muscles to my bone, ADHD. I am on cylexia, levthroxine,addreall doxipin, Estriodial,Lamotimigin,magnesium.gabapentin, requip, Fentynal Patches and oxycodone.I also still Isolate my self have trouble going outside. I have been in and out hospitals and they finally found medication that works the best for me. I am up cooking cleaning taking care of my son. My primary care wants to fool around with my medication. I need to find someone that can help me and function in my daily life. It took to years for them to find the right medications. I need help I am dum founded that a doctor wants to mess with someones life like this!!!

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Ideally, doctors and patients work together toward common health and treatment goals. Understanding each other's goals is a first step.

My advice is to talk with primary care. You both need to understand the other's perspective.

Why is your doctor concerned about this regimen.

Why are you concerned about changing this regimen.

These points need to be addressed to your mutual satisfaction.

If this arrangement is unworkable, find another doctor.
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