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Quality of Life for Chronic Pain Patients

It is a Quality Of Life Scale. It A Measure Of For People With Pain.

Quality of Life

0.  Stay in bed all day.
     Feel hopeless and helpless about life.

1. Stay in bed at least half the day.
    Have no contact with outside world.

2.  Get out of bed but don’t get dressed.
     Stay at home all day.

3.  Get dressed in the morning. Minimal activities at home.
     Contact with friends via phone, email.

4.  Do simple chores around the house.
     Minimal activities outside of home two days a week.

5.  Struggle but fulfill daily home responsibilities.
     No outside activity. Not able to work/volunteer.

6.  Work/volunteer limited hours.
     Take part in limited social activities on weekends.

7.  Work/volunteer for a few hours daily. Can be active at least five hours a day.
     Can make plans to do simple activities on weekends.

8.  Work/volunteer for at least six hours daily. Have energy to make plans for
      one evening social activity during the week. Active on weekends.

9.   Work/volunteer/be active eight hours daily. Take part in family life.
      Outside social activities limited.

10.  Go to work/volunteer each day. Normal daily activities each day.
      Have a social life outside of work. Take an active part in family life.

I'm sorry if it doesn't appear as good as it does on their website. I found it of interest. I believe it to be an important tool when discussing your Quality of Life with your PMP.  I think this scale is meant to depict your general condition. Hah! I don't have a "general" condition anymore.

Are you like me, jumping between the numbers depending on the day and the amount of activity you did either the day before or earlier?  Will you share with us where are you on this scale? You don't have to suffer in silence here.

Maybe you'd like to share your Quality of Life "number" on this thread. Today I am a #3. Yesterday I was a #7 which made me the # I am today. Yes, my chronic pain is poorly controlled the last year. However I'm stubborn and determined to keep going just like the Ever Ready Bunny!

Hope this is of interest to at least some of you. Keep smiling! :0

Your Partner in Pain,
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That was very interesting.  I have had so many changes happen over the past few years...most for the better.  I look back at how my life used to be.....and on the above chart, I was between 0 and 2 for so long....years.  So sad that so much of my life was- so sad.  I had some great changes happen, and I had to work so hard, and I still am working so hard, so I do have some days that are a #3, and some that are #7...and most are in between.  Thanks for the post!!  
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I'm delighted that most of the recent changes in your life were for the better, but so sorry hear you lived so long from 0 and 2.

Unfortunately it's been just the opposite in my case. I always have hope, something we all need. I'd give about anything to average a #6 or #7. But we play the cards that life deals us, good or bad. The important thing is how we play those cards. :0)

Thanks for sharing.

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I am a big fat #0
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I'm so so sorry JodyLew. I am hoping this will change soon for you. No one should have to suffer at a 0.

We're here for you.

Take Care,
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My numbers jump around too. I would say from 1 to 6 most of the time.
I wish more people could understand how chronic pain can truly effect a persons life in every way.
The pain can make you appreciate little things more though, especially when we have a good day and can do more.
Thank you for posting this Tuckamore. It's very interesting and informative.
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Reading this was interesting. I range between # 2-5. I wish my new doctor could understand my issues but getting a new one requires a lot of work and I just don't have the energy like I used to.  Looks like I am going to have to muster up some to get a proper diagnosis.
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Funny how this QoL scale runs counter to the VAS or visual pain scale.

Still, these days I'm 5-6 on both scales! Looking forward to my procedures.

Neuroablation can work wonders for those of us with spinal arthritis, also called spondylosis. Removes about 50% of my total pain and makes life much more pleasant for everyone around. (Otherwise, I'm an old grouch!)
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Phil, I too found it "funny" that this scale runs counter to the VAS.

Remar, Ppl, including many medical provider just don't seem to understand Chronic Pain and how devastating it can be to life and function. If they don't get it how can we ever hope that the general public or friends and family will ever get it. I've been on this journey for a lot of years. Sadly I see this society, including the medical profession going backwards instead of forward. I won't live to see the changes that need to occur before Chronic Pain patients obtain the respect and treatment that they deserve.

Madman I hear you. After years of dealing with Chronic Pain it is common to become fatigued and worn out. Conditions deteriorate and resolve waivers. I have to hope that someday the climate will change.

I'm at a 3 today. I'm hopeful I'll get to that 6-7 again soon.

Wishing you all high numbers! :0)

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Post-surgery, I've dropped from a 3 to a 0-1...it's frustrating when you're promised a better quality of life yet this doesn't seem to be the case. Definitely discouraging
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I'm soo sorry to hear about your regression! It is frustrating when medical science can't keep their promises. If it helps, you are not alone. There are many a failed back surgery patients or other such failed endeavors here and in the world.

I hope with time you may still improve. Hang in there our friend in pain.

Take Care,
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