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Question about fentanyl transdermal patch

Today my doctor switched me to a 25ug/hr Fentanyl patch. I have been wearing the patch for ~2 hours at this point and have some decent relief. I am suppose to leave the patch on for 72 hours as most patients. If I at any point feel nausea (or any reason) and want to remove is that ok? I only get ten a month and for some reason as of now my insurance company wont cover the fentanyl. They are very expensive ~120-140$. If I decided to take it off can I remove and store in plastic bag until a later time. It could be a few hours or the next day. I would tape it with medical tape as the instructions say you can if the adhesive tape wont work. I have read online people getting nausea and taking off for a few hours then replacing later.

What are your opinions?
Thanks alot
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Well, if you remove them then you need to store them in the pouch they came in. You need to follow all storage instructions. While, the drug in the patch is still available if not used at a stretch for 72 hours, there will be fluctuations in the dose if you remove and re-use. So if you find pain relief after a particular duration of time with the first application, you may not find the same relief after the same duration after re-application. However, it may work also. You can try doing it 2-3 times and see if you get adequate pain relief. However, be very careful with storing. Use the same pouch as it was placed in. Seal the pouch so that the drug does not react with air. Store at room temperature in a dry and safe place, and away from light. Also, please discuss this with your doctor before trying it out. Take care!
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I am sure your doctor should have told you, but no, do t take them on and off, in fact I have trouble keeping mine on for 72 hours without touching them and often get through several more each month as the stick goes. The drug is int he stick so if the stick has gone then nothing is going I to the system. Putting tape on can just keep the stick from being worn away such as through clothing.
You need to keep wearing it so that the level of drug stays stable in your system, if you take them on and off it will simply cause more problems in the long term. It can take days for you to build up the correct level not hours and you really need to make sure you listen to and take advice of your doctor. Always make sure you get rid of the used ones properly and not for a child or pet to go find!
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With all due respect to the "Dr." who replied.....but the Fentanyl patch instructions specifically state to THROW AWAY the patch if it falls completely off or if you have to remove it. They are NOT meant to be used like that. If you do not need an extended release medication for 24 hour a day pain management then the patch is not for you and there are plenty of short acting  meds to be taken "as needed". This is not one of them.

This is why I don't understand why non Pain Management Drs. respond on these threads as this is not their area of expertise and people will read something written by a "Dr." and think it to be gospel and this can be dangerous with regards to many of the medications that CP patients use.

If this is your very first patch, it is unusual for the Dr. to start at 25mcgh as there are 12mcgh patches available now. It's always best to start low and tirate up as needed to make sure you can tolerate the side effects.

Most all side effects go away within a few weeks to a month. So, barring an actual allergic reaction, Drs. ask that their patients stay on a medication for that long.

Obviously I am not a Dr., just someone who has been in PM for 11 years and was on the Fentanyl patch myself for awhile.

Nausea is very common side effect of many opiates.

Speak to your Dr. about any side effects and let them decide what your care should be.

And PLEASE read all the instructions that come with this patch as it will state the information about usage, where to put the patch, and all the black box warnings like do NOT take a long hot shower or go into a hot tub, or use a heating pad.

It's crucial that you read all of this before continuing on to make sure that you are using it exactly as directed...

Good luck..

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