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Question for those that are current or x users of the Fentanyl Patch?


I have a few questions for those that may be Fentanyl Patch users or those that have used this pain relief in the past.

Have you been satisfied with the pain relief using this product?

In theory, if you put the patch just about anywhere on your body, you get the same relief??

I have found that I need to put the patch directly on the area that is being treated for pain, in my case, it is the lower back. If I put the patch away from my lower back, say a few inches away, I do not get the same effect.

Is this in my mind? Has anyone had this same results?

Thanks, Dave...
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I do not use the patch but I know a few members here do and they will give you their advice.
The patches work by releasing fentanyl into body fats, which then slowly release the drug into the bloodstream over 48 to 72 hours. Since the transdermal absorption rate is generally constant at a constant skin temperature,rate of absorption is dependent on a number of factors. Body temperature, skin type, amount of body fat, and placement of the patch can have major effects.
The area of your pain may be a factor in how well it works. I have not heard this from others but it is possible as medications work differently on each person.
I will send the members that do use the patch a message to offer their advice:)
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I have used the patch for a year or so.I am pleased with the pain relief I get.I alternate between my left and right sides.The only problem is sometimes the patches do not last 72 hrs.
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I am currently using the patch, and I have tried several different areas and found that I get the same releif no matter where I put it.  I do have it for pain in my lower back, and I havn't tried putting the patch directly on the area of pain. I'll try that with my next one and see if it's any different.  

if I remember, i'll get back to you and let you know how it worked!

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Hi, Dave here,

I also have found that they do not last 72 hours, my prescription is to change it every two days. I also have Oxycodone for break through pain. The first day is great, the second not as good, that is when I use the Oxycodone.

Keep posting please as I would like to hear as much as possible about this subject.

Thanks, Dave...
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Hi Dave
I have been on the patch several different times. I started with the 25 and ended with the 50  when they just didn't work for me any longer. I've been on several different pain meds and that was just one of them. When I would wear the patch, I was told to wear it above the waist. Maybe on the arm or tummy area and to alternate sides everytime you change it. It did work for me but my pain receptors recognized the fentanyl that it just no longer helped with the pain. I've been on an array of different pain meds. since 2004 after my failed cervical fusion/palting and I also suffer with back problems. Currently, I'm doing another switch from Methadone back to OPANA and the withdrawels are kicking my a** right now. I hate change!!! Have you been on anything else besides the patch?

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I would be carefull putting it on your back if you lay a lot or sit against something.  If the patch warms up beyond normal body temp it releases more of the medicine.  I have had probelms with night sweats and body temp raising and having the patch warm up and release more medicine, resulting in withdrawels before the second day is up.
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Hi Carmel, thanks for the info, yes, I started a few years ago on just Oxycodone, then as the pain became worse, I was given Oxycontin for a more consistant pain relief and used Oxycodone as needed for that break through pain. Then I was given the Fentanyl Patch, 50 MG and soon found out that was not strong enough, so the boosted it up to 75 MG and I used the

When I switch from one health care to a new one, they gave me Morphine, which did not go well with me, then Oxycodone as needed for that break through pain. Now that patch was different from the one I get now. It had like a jell like patch, but now I have a different one that is not a jell type patch, it's just a flat square patch. But works well for me right now, it just does not last the 3 days and I do have to apply it very close to my lower back area where the pain comes from. Thanks for the post.

To Shellshocker, I do have sweats off and on, so your statement would explain why have the sweats. I was told never to apply heat to the area. But I spend a lot of my time using ice bags on my lower back, that also seems to help me.

I take a couple of other medicens that are suppost to help with pain, but really it is the patch and Oxycodone that gets me through each day. This ***** and I am really tired of all of it. I just have to work out and get stronger so I don't need as much meds.

But thanks for the posts, they really help me understand things.

I going to build a web site for back pain and cronice pain for people. So in about 3 months I will let you all know I have it up and running.

Thanks everyone... Dave
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Hi Dave:

I am a Fentanyl user and have a great deal of info for you. If you would like, I can send you a PM. I have already sent you one concerning info in your post.

Be well,
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Hi Molly, thanks for the invite to your group, very nice and I will be watching the group.

Sure, any information on the fentanyl would be helpful.

Thanks, Dave...
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The patch was not the best for me. The pain relief did not hold well with it. I placed it on my upper arm most times because it is hairless also my low back. My pain is caused by my back but the actual pain went to my anterior thighs. You are suppose to use the patch on the upper body and where there is less fat. The med must pass through the skin so if the tummy is puffy, do not put patch there. Upper arm really is a great place.  The patch for me was not the best as my pain was not controlled with it. I had the 50mcg patch  and did not want to go higher. "So back on the pills.Now I am petrified of weaning of the pills which I h ope to do by the end of March after my surgery.  
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