Three years ago my husband was rear-ended while at a full red stop. The other driver was going 50+MPH. His condition is deteriorating daily and he can now only manage personal care, has crushing and unrelenting headaches. No pathology shows up on MRI, CT scan, contrast CT scan. He is bedridden and desperate. Neurology in Canada and Cedars Sinai in the US have no answers. All symptoms mimic a CSF leak but there is no scientific evidence.
Any ideas??????
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my son was also in a high speed crash at the age of six, he also had this type of pain and also head things. I so wish I could remember the brain cond the doctor said he had or has, I do know it is very rare he is now 24 and still suffers from it. I will ask him so can at the very least have the test run for it.
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Hello and Welcome to the Pain Management Forum.

My heart goes out to you and your husband. I wish I had an answer for you, I am sorry I don't.

It sounds like you have consulted some of the best Clinics available. I can tell you I would not give up. His condition sounds extreme. I assume you are from Canada. I know they have strict guidelines. Have you considered a consult with the Mayo Clinics in the USA? They are awesome.

We also have other Forums in MedHelp where I would encourage you to copy and paste your thread. Here's the links:




The above Forums may not have an exact answer for you... but they may lead you to someone that can help.

Keep searching. I imagine this is extremely frustrating to say the least. We can fight better when we know what we are dealing with or facing... but when we have no real answers it must be very difficult. You have my empathy.

Please keep in touch. I'll look forward to your updates. I pray you'll find some answers.

My Best to You and Your Husband,
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Thanks. We are still peursuing the neuro angle and have just been told about a place in Arizona, The Barrows Institute. We will have to get our ducks in order and see if they have anything for us.
Frustrating? You bet.
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You are kind to reply. Frustrating is right. There really is no other option than to keep trying to find answers. We may have a lead in Arizona at the Barrows Institute. So far there is talk but no treatment because there is no diagnosis
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