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RSD/CRPS Treatments and concerns.

I am 31 and have been diagnosed with RSD/CRPS and it is very painful and it all started with a football injury in High School.  I am trying to see what other people with the same condition are receiving for treatment and it is working for them.  I am currently on 40mg Oxycontin 3times a day and Oxycodone imm realease 30mg 3 times a day, Baclofen 10mg 4 times a day, tramadol 50mg 6 a day, Vitamins of all kinds, testosterone injection once a week, Naproxen 3times a day, Trazadone 150mg at bedtime.  So this is what I take and if anyone has any suggestions and treatments that you are receiving and let me know what you are on that would be awesome.  I am researching so I can see if my Dr, is willing to try other things to see if they will releive my pain more.  I appreciate all of your feedback and I will write you back and keep in contact with you to discuss on how things are.  Thanks

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What part/s of your body are effected?

I have RSD/CRPS in my left foot and ankle and lower calf, I also have other joint problems in the ankle and foot. I was diagnosed last year but have been suffering for about 2 years following four operations.  I get lots of pain and have elements of dystrophy in my foot, ankle and lower leg muscles.

Have you tried either gabapentin or Lycria? I am on Gabapentin and it is an amazing drug it really helps calm the pain down. I also take Amitriptyline which works well. The gabapentin  is best though its made a major difference to my pain levels.

I have also had two nerve blocks with a drug called gaunethidine. The first one worked very well and I had about two months partial relief from the pain. The second one I had has not worked as well though. I am waiting a review with my pain Dr to discuss if its worth doing another.

Also I am prescribed lidocaine patches. Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic. I apply the patches to the affected area, they can be left on for up to 12 hours then you have 12 hours off. They work pretty well too particularly when it come to wearing shoes.

That all that has been suggested to try by my pain Dr.

I hope it helps.

Take care
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I have it in my hand, wrist, and arm.  It's very painful.  Mine resulted from surgeries from a failed joint replacement in my thumb.  I've tried everything.  No luck with lyrica or neurontin.  I was on Fentanyl patch,75 mcg with 30 mg oxycodone every for hours for breakthrough pain.  I have a special compounding cream that helps a bit.  I also take 800 mg. ibuprofen every 6 hours.  I also use the lidocaine patches.  We tried Cymbalta but I had a bad time with that.  I've had stellate ganglion blocks, which have helped a bit for a short period of time.  I also had a lidocaine infusion, which I didn't care for.

I've decided I want to come off all my medicines to reevaluate my pain so right now I'm on a taper.  I feel like I've been on meds too long and the doses are so high and I'm on so many.  I'd like to see where my real pain is.

In my opinion, I don't think there's any one thing that does the trick.  I think you have to find a bunch of different things to piece together to get some relief.

Best of luck.
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