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Radiculopathy Great toe with foot drop

I have chronic radiculopathy pain in my great toe. I have foot drop same side following spontaneous bone fragmentation L4-5. I had emergency back surgery 30 hours after onset of foot drop but did not help. This was one year ago. Now I have foot drop, chronic back pain & electrical type sensation/radiculopathy in great toe. I have tried epidural steroids, acupuncture, & Gabapentin. Does anyone else have any ideas to manage toe pain besides narcotic?
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Hi,how are you? I noticed you are still on Meds after the spinal cord stimulator. Do you feel it helped you enough to take the risk? My pain dr also is talking about using a RACZ catheter to do a lysis of adhesions in the low back caused by scar tissue from previous surgery.
I'm on 1300 mg of Gab now. Dr would like to see me take twice that but it makes me so sleepy. I've been titrating dose forv2 years....
Thanks for your comments.
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I feel for you. I also have some foot drop and the other things you mentioned - fusion at L4-5. You can check my profile if you want the story. Here are some things that have helped me. There have been times when the pain was so bad and unrelenting that I told my husband, this is the kind of pain that makes people want to take their lives. Thankfully, my pain is under much better control. Gabapentin or lyrica help me, but you may need to have pretty high doses of the Gab. I also take Lortab, celebrex, and have a spinal cord stimulator implanted. I use ice and heat every day. Try to water walk or swim, practice deep breathing, connect with friends and my faith in God carries me through the rough waters. Hope you find some help. Is it possible that something is pressing on the nerves that is new and could be helped with surgery?
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Hello LLF,

Welcome to the Pain Management Forum. Please excuse my tardy response. I've had some major laptop issues.

Have you tried homeopathic medicine? There are some great physicians in that field that may offer you some options. There is also acupuncture that some find effective for various medical issues. Some D.O's (Doctor of Osteopathy) treat your type of conditions. Bio-feedback is can also be beneficial as can a Pain Management Therapists.

Chronic pain can be difficult to manage and what is effective for one may not be effective for another. Chiropractors offer still another form of non-narcotic treatment.

I cannot guarantee that any of the above mentioned treatments/approaches will be effective but it may be worth a try. I hope you will let us know what you discover.

Best of Luck to You,
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