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Refill of hydrocodone

Doc gave me a script for 300 pills 5  x a day. First filled the presciption on the 13 th of the month.  At some point I asked the supervisor how soon can I refill and he said the 7th. Along comes the 7 th and he is out the new guy wont fili, 5,days early argues that I have a history of this which is true.  He gives it to me to avoid withdrawals but says only one time etc etc. now it is 30 days since then. Can I refill today, or do I have to wait another 5 days.
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Wow, with that much acetaminophen, you should have your liver checked, and probably as soon as you can.
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Typically pain meds are only supposed to be filled every 30 days. If your pharmacy is filling your prescriptions before the date on the script they could get in some serious trouble. Your pain doctor has access to when and where you fill your scripts.
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Thanks, I do have a liver function tests.
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Maybe his pills don't contain acetaminophen. Mine don't.
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Wouldn't 300 pills at 5 per day last you 2 months (5x30=150)???
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at 67 yrs. old that amount of acetaminophen cannot be good for you!!! So many pills and all the crap that is in them are going thru liver and kidneys and you and something better change soon and you had better demand that it does. Do Not Drink the legal Drug (that kills etc but no script necessary!) Serious --you won't notice and it will creep up on you and kill you---maybe in your sleep but probably choking on you know what. If you are running out??IS it because of pain?Or? Keep posting here the advice (from others not me!)is from experience not from an outdated textbook. OK 67--keep breathing and as an elder share some of your experience with what works for you OK?   Om    don
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I thought oxycodone only came without acetaminophen?
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Thankyou for your replies. You know before ii got up today I had been thinking the same thing. There are 325 of acetametaphinr in each pill that is over 3000 mg a day. I am going to have a talk with my doctor. Thanks for your advice I am going to take it and start reducing today. I need to deal a little better with this pain without the meds. I am even having wired dreams almost every night probably due to this stuff. I notice if two pills dont work right away I will pop two more. No good
Thank you again, you have scared the you know what out of me.
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Maybe ask your doctor for a long acting medication that doesn't have the acetaminophen? It might give you better pain control with out the damage to your liver. Good Luck to you!
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Hi there...

I'm afraid your numbers aren't adding up here because it sounds like you are taking 10 of these a day and not 5. You have mentioned having 300 of them for your prescription and in this last post...you are now calculating the acetaminophen to be over 3000 a day. That can only happen if you are taking 10 of them and not 5.
5 times 325 equals 1625
10 times 325 equals 3250

I don't know of any Dr. that prescribes either Norco/Vicodin or even Percocet to be taken more than 8 a day for the max. Even if a prescription is written for 1-2 every 4-6 hours, there is always a maximum that the Dr. has put on this.

You also say in this last post that if two don't work, you "pop" two more. So if you are taking 4 at the same time or within an hour or two...you are actually "abusing" this medication and you need to get a hold of this quickly. This is much more than an acetaminophen issue as I suspect a Dr. has not prescribed you this many and you are either buying all of them or supplementing them off the "street"...

If you don't feel you can be honest on here...I hope that you are honest with yourself as this is going to backfire on you shortly. All it takes is a pill count or a urine test and the Dr. will know that you are taking more of these and this can get you dismissed immediately from pain management and make it where another Dr. will not prescribe opiates to you again.

This would be a bad situation for you so I urge you to look at everything that you are doing and seek out help from a family member and/or a Dr.

Good luck..

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it just keeps amazing me how much power the doctors (and their pill-making profit-motive could really care less bosses) have over we who have chronic pain. We have a need and don't they know it. And i do know the dangers involved with prescribing pain medicine---but to avoid giving pills to the few and rare (check the real statistics) dirty bad addicts---they ignore and undertreat or don't treat people with a real and pressing need. Something needs to change for us in chronic pain (and will suffer that for life). Help me out here. there has to be a way?   om     don
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Weathergirl21, I was not clear in my first post. I am prescribed 2 pills 5 x a day. I get them from the same pharmacy . I would have no idea how to buy them off the street.  When I say I pop two more I mean that I have not been giving them the respect they need. What I have done now is purchased a pill box and put 8 pills for each day. Even though I am prescribed 10. I understand now that I need to try and control my pain by other means such as diverting my attention elseware and other ways . I had been on oxycodone, morphine and others but am now on these. Oh I fill a seven day box and the rest are locked in a safe that requires my thumprint and my wife's (who has no pity for my complaints) to open. Also these pills or another operation and I can't handle more surgery .thanks for your reply ,you guys

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