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Relief from back pain

I have only had one set of shots in my lower back. They only provide relief for two days and the pain was back. Now I am looking for something that will get me relief for a longer time. I have three compression fractures in my lower back from cow flipping a four wheeler over on me. I own a pecan farm/cattle ranch so I am always going and I can’t be laid up long. Will burning the nerves help?
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They may. Typically with injections you may get short term relief, if they work and over time the steroids help ease the inflammation.
Rhizotomies are nerve endings burned. They typically do test injections to see if the lidocaine eases the pain. It helps determine they are targeting the correct areas/nerve fibers before a rhizotomy.
If the injections are successful, they will fo the rhizotomy. Typical relief is 6-12 months, then repeated as necessary.
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Thanks what caused this was a 500 lb calf flipping a four wheeler over on top of me about 5 years ago. At that time I didn’t have time to get it checked out. But the last year the pain got so bad it was hell just to get around. They did a mri and found I have 3 compression fractures in my lower back pushing on the nerves. My spine has healed back but not they way it supposed to. The nerves that run down the back of my legs is what is causing the problems from the accident. The shots they gave me costed a little over $7,000 and only lasted two days. I am just trying to find some longer term relief.
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