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Remember "nurse Ratchet" well she has been put in her place!

This post is for those of you who had responded to my post about getting 90 day scripts filled and all the trouble that I have with my nurse.  
Well, I was calling for new doctors because I was having yet another issue with what the nurse wrote on my script for my 90 day fill.  I somehow called a number that I thought was for another group of doctors and got ahold of the manager of the entire group of practices including my doctors office.  So I went ahead and told the manager everything that my nurse said and did.  I told the manager not to bring my sript problem up with my nurse because that would come back on me.  I then got a call about an hour later from my nurse.  She was all of the sudden the sweetest person in the world.  She listened to me and fixed the sript within a few minutes.  She actually called the pharmacy and made sure that I would get the script mailed to me by the fill date.  She told me she was sorry that she forgets that I am in 24 hour pain and going through other heartships.  It was CRAZY.  I couldn't believe it was the same person.  I really think that manager must have almost fired her.  We will see if it continues but we finally got through to her!!!!!!  
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Woo-hoooooo lol WTG hon! You know we all need to do things like this more often. And yes they do forget the pain we have to live with day in and day out! I am so grateful to have the nicest nurses and receptionists at my pain docs place. They are the best and I am thankful I don't have to deal with any grief from them ever.
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Yay. That is wonderful. I can't stand it when people are intentionally unkind towards others. Something that bothers me about my PCP's office is that when people call on the phone to schedule or ask a question, the staff/nurses hang up and immediately start talking about the patient that called! So, they are nice on the phone, but then they talk about how the patient complains a lot, etc. I can't stand it.


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What a wonderful end to this horrible story. Sounds like the manager took action....is spite of the fact you asked her not to talk to the nurse. I am glad it turned out well. I'd keep the managers name for future reference.....just in case.

It's very sad that some ppl need to be reminded to be "nice."  :o(


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You said it!  I hate when I have to remind people to be nice.  Shouldn't we all just naturally be nice.  I understand when people are upset about something and accidently take it out on you but not being just plain old MEAN all the time.  She has never been nice, not for a second.  Nobody wants to talk to her and I am sure I am not the first person who has had issues.  So it for nothing else maybe I saved someone else from being treated badly at that office as well.  
It is the perfect ending to a horrible story.  
I am almost sure that they must have threatened to fire her.  

Thank you all for supporting me while I was dealing with her.  
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Let's hope that your action stops her rudeness from happening to another person. Yes you probably saved other patients from a lot of bad experiences.  

Everyone has a bad day and you can forgive that once in awhile. But this should never be the general personality of a health care profession, never!!  If you cannot be kind and compassionate you should not be in the health care profession.

I only hope that she continues to be kind and considerate. You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, at the least.

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