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Removal of lumbar hardware d/t malpositioned instrumentation

I got very exhausted from the severity of being mostly bedbound with relentless excruciating pain and made an appt with another spinal surgeon for help. I had all my old x rays, MRI's, CT etc and showed him the area on my back that felt like a screw........well, it is a screw. Apparently I have been spending all these months in bed being shuffled from test to test and long waits to be seen while he hasn't bothered to look at my CT. It didn't take the new Spinal surgeon any time to recognize  the problem right away.  He  showed me where the muscle atrophy is that has occurred and how very close to the skin surface that screw is.

If I would have been treated in a timely manner a whole lot of this could have been prevented. I'm scheduled for removal of L3 to S1 instrumentation in less than two weeks. I'm very apprehensive even though it was a no brainer that what I felt on a bony prominence at lower lumbar area was anything but normal. Before my surgery I still have a followup visit with the first surgeon and I'm not certain if I should go ahead and go in and tell him what's been going on while he's been ignoring me. I have lost all trust in him, and I'm just hoping that the second surgery will relieve me enough where I'm not dependent on powerful narcotics forever. I'm aware that I will always have pain. i have a very high threshold for pain and never took iv sedation for spinal tests in the past, as that spinal needle was nothing comparred to the pain I'm used to. Anyone had similar experiences? Hardware removal with muscle atrophy? A pedicle screw just on the other side of the skins surface?
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