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Rhomboid pain

I need help. I have hard every test and injection imaginable. I saw where someone said sports medicine Dr,'s are more familiar with this pain. If anyone had any answers,ni would appreciate the help.
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Hello and Welcome to our Pain Management Forum. I'm glad that you found us and took the time to post your concern.

I assume you mean your pain is in the rhomboid muscles. For our members or readers that may not know this set of muscles are associated with the scapula and are chiefly responsible for its retraction. They run from the lower neck area down each side of the upper back. They connect to the the neck, spine and the shoulder blades. Rhomboid pain can be debilitating. We don't realize how often we use that area until it's in pain.

Has your medical providers determined if your pain is due to an injury - or due to wear and tear? Are the muscle fibers torn?

Have you consulted a good physiotherapist. Often they can due wonders with things like ultrasound to help those muscles relax and heal.

I too have heard good things about Sports Medicine Physicians. In fact I consulted one some years ago. He was not able to offer much for me in my situation - but he was very informative and knew the structures very well - better than most. I think you have nothing to lose by consulting one.

I wish you the very best and hope you'll keep in touch. I'll be interested to read additional comments from you - soon.

Take Care,

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