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Rib Cage Pain

My mum, who is getting some where around 56, tried to play basketball and got overly competitive. It resulted her to get really, excited and lively. But at one point, she was running and she tripped over, front body and face down. She isn't quite skinny and she said she felt like she 'jumped' twice on her stomach region when she fell. She didn't feel much on the day but on the next day, she said she feel sharp pain around her ribcage, above her stomach. When will she recover, do we have to report to a doctor and receive treatment? Or can we do something at home to help her recover?
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Thank you so much! Your comment is very helpful! My mum said the pain has reduced a significant amount already. Thank you again!
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Is your mother having any problems breathing? If you feel the sharp point of a rib, or if your mother has trouble catching her breath, then take her to the ER. But is this is simple bruise or cracked rib, the best treatment is ice and rest.

How does the injury feel? Is there a lump, or can you feel the edge of a rib under the skin? Bruising is normal, and so is a small, soft hematoma -- a lump from a blood clot under the skin over the injury.

Ribs are injured all the time. This is why we have ribs -- to protect the organs inside of the chest, Ribs can take sharp bumps with little injury because of their construction. Small fractures of a rib usually require no medical treatment.

At this point, it is best for her to rest and ice the injury. Use Tylenol at first for pain, and after 72 hours, you can use an NSAID, like Ibuprofen.

She should not lie down all day, but get up every few hours and walk around. Icing the point of injury for 30 minutes on / 30 minutes off, will help reduce pain and swelling.

If pain persists or gets worse, then she should be seen at an urgent care center.

But chances are, she'll feel better in less than a week. Just keep her off the basketball court for a month or so, OK?
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By saying she isn't quite skinny, is that she is a bit over weight. Not too much though, just a bit cubby in the stomach area.
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By saying she isn't quite skinny, is that she is a bit over weight. Not too much though, just a big cubby in the stomach area.
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