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Rib cage pain

I have had some pain off and on for about 6 months now. When I go to twist or stretch my right side. I have this gosh awful pain that feels like something is sticking between my rib cage on the right side. It takes my breath away and I can't move until this pain passes or makes me see black dots before my eyes. The pain comes on when I go to stretch to get something or twist my body the wrong way. Then I got really sick with a flu or virus about 3 weeks ago and with all the sneezing and coughing going on it messed up my rib cage even more and now a full blown constant pain. I went to the Dr and had Xrays done and there was no cracked ribs or pneumonia. Thank god for that! My rib cage on my right side started to feel a bit better after a steroid shot and my Eczema and allergies went away for  about 4 days and ribs felt alot better but still sore like I had been in a boxing ring with ALI haha. The soreness went all the way around under my breasts. So, Now I woke up this morning 11/9/15 and woke up from a nightmare that scared the poop outta me and made me jump up so fast I heard another ripping sound coming from my rib cage again and then there was so much more pain now. So now the pain has gone from low to high. The pain now from under the breast to going down my stomach on my right side, Also going around to my back and around to left side. So, I'm thinking maybe it's a pulled or strained muscle that's wrapped around my rib cage. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thank you! Zina
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Hi there. Have they checked gall bladder, kidneys or intercostal muscles?  That's what I think if pneumonia been ruled out too. Oh I should have started out by saying welcome to the forum. This is a great forum of knowledge and support.  Please keep us posted on how your doing.
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Hello! Welcome!  Luvdolphin has given great advice.
I was also thinking intercoastal muscles but it would be a good idea to get everything else checked out.
My husband recently had a gall bladder attack, his involved his stomach back and chest I imagine everyone has different symptoms.
His had gotten so bad they had to remove it during emergency surgery

Good luck to you
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I forgot to mention that I had  muscle pain and it ran from the front to my back
I was told that the muscle was strainged
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Hello and Welcome,

Please excuse my tardy response. I'm so sorry to hear about your undiagnosed pain. My heart goes out to you.

You've received some sound suggestions for Dee and luv.

I hope by the time you are reading this you have at least made an appointment with your PCP. It's time for more definitive testing - like a CT Scan. Something's obviously going on with you.

How's your pain today - and what have you done? Please let us know.

Best Regards,
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