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Right Lower Side Pain

I am new at this.  I have had severe lower right side pain for 14 years now.  Had my appendix removed, diagnosed with endometriosis, and had a total hysterectomy.  I am now 27 years old and have had every test done.  Anyone have the same problems and know anything that works to take the pain away?  It is sharp, stabbing pain, can shoot to the left, goes into my back, down the right leg.  So bad somedays I cant even get off of the couch.  
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WOW! I can't believe this. I have had the same pain in my LEFT side and have also had every test you could imagine. Read my post on this. Not sure what page. anyway, I can't hardly sit either, because I have pain that goes all the way around and through to my back. I can't lay on my left side, either. My OBGYN thought it was endometriosis at first, but the little they did find was solved by stopping my period for over 6 months and it still hurt the whole time, and they went back in and didn't see any at that time. Both of the laprooscopys were done by different doctors, because our insurance change.  I later discover a knot on the left bottom side of my back and the doctor sent me to a surgeon and she removed it and said it was 2 knots on one end and one on  the other end and it went all the way around my side and was shaped like a bar bell weight. Every since I had it removed, though the pain has gotten worse. Maybe due to scar tissue forming, so I wish I'd left it alone, but I thought that was the cause of my pain, which it wasn't, just a coincidence.
Would love to chat with you further about this, if you want. Read my profile. My email address is ***@****

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i have been haveing the me pain.. and my stomic hurts been so many doctors and they said differnt things like one said it was a cyst burested and the other said it was endomertiosis . i have been missing so much school because of this and i dont know what to do... i would love to talk to you more and  see what we could compaire please read my post on my sight .
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Hi Shiann,

This post is 2 years old and these posters are no longer on Med Help.

You won't get any feed back from them.  

I just wanted to let you know. :)

I'm really sorry.........Sherry

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