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Right abdomenal pain

Pulling-type, dull, slightly burning pain in lower right abdonen. Appendectomy done 9 years ago, yet on ct scan a linear contrast filled structure is seen from posterior cecum with mild far standing on outer cervix. Degenerative changes to lumbar spine noted as well. I can feel this pulling dull achey feeling all the time. At one point, lasting and 2 weeks, it even looked and felt as if when a baby kicks (no, I am not pregnant)! What could this be? No doctor seems to give it a diagnosis, but did a few tests, and then more or less just forget about it. They don't say it isn't anything, they just don't know, and that's it. Well, I feel it every day, so it isn't just something I want to forget about. Could it be cancer, in the early stages, that won't be addressed until it is too late? And, if not that, than what is it? Please help! I have my scans if needed to review them too. Please help!
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Have you seen a gastroenterologist? That is where I would go if it were me.
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Why a gastro doctor? What would be my reason to request this specialist over another (my insurance is very particular when it comes to approvals for specialty doctors)
If the pain is in your abdomen, then a gastroenterologist would be who you need to see, to rule in or out any problems with your stomach, pancreas, intestines, gall bladder, etc, given that you said you had your appendix removed and the unknown structure...it could be simple scar tissue tugging, or adhesions.
That's my suggestion since you aren't getting answers anywhere else.
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Most likely it adhesions. They cant bet seen on tests. I have had  them for years.
The only way to treat them is DMSO. Read about this online. Morton walker has a
good book on using it. It can go into your skin and slowly dissolve the adhesions
Do your research first as if you don't use this using safety precautions it can hurt you.  Jini patel Thompson has a lot of information   You can download booklets and print them out to follow. Good luck and God Bless You
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Check your L2L3L4 area ,we want to  know whether those level have inflammed tedons or not.
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