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Rights after dismissal

Was seeing a pain mgmt doctor for a 1 yr 1/2 with compliance. Jan 2017 my prescription insurance changed and I had to choose either the ER form or the IR form of Oxymorphone. I (wrongly) chose the IR form, and within a few months began having trouble making my 5 pills a day last 24 hours. I'd wake in the middle of the night in pain and sometimes had to take a 6th pill to get back to sleep. I came up 4 days short in May, and stupidly, 2 days before seeing the doctor, took a 4mg piece of suboxone someone gave me back in 2015 for giving them a ride somewhere. I held onto it for an emergency. Well, 2 days before seeing my doctor, I took it because I was experiencing withdrawal, and intended to ask him to put me back on the ER form. He took a urine screen, it showed, and I was dismissed. The fact is, I wasn't trying to get high. I never had the opportunity to sit with the doctor and explain why I did what I did. The nurse mgr ignores my requests to sit and talk to him.
Do I have a right to talk to my doctor about what happened?
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You may want to google "Pain patients cut off"
Pain patients are being cut off from their medications for any, every and no reason at all. It is very upsetting.
The CDC guidelines have changed everything.
I am surprised that your doctor didn't offer you suboxone.

Once kind compassionate caring doctors are cutting people off.  In the last 6 weeks or so 3 doctors have been killed by their patients who they had cut off from pain management.

It is a witch hunt out there.

It is cruel to just cut you off.
I am so sorry
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Oh, it is probably in your contract that you will not take anything else. Pain patients don't seem to have any rights.  
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