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I just had to post this and try to get this poor woman who lives in the U.S. some info on where to turn..she has been treated so badly by doctors..........please I beg everyone to go to the DEGENERATIVE DISEASE FORUM...and scroll quite a ways down to a July 16 post called UNSURE IF THIS IS THE CORRECT TOPIC..
No doctors will even see her because of anothers doctors screwup...there must be some advocacy group that she can turn too?  someone has to see her don't they? isn't this against the law???
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Thanks Opus i will take a look:)
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thx sandee....I'm so upset for her, someone has to know where she can start!!
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I did respond to her and yes her situation is a sad one. I will watch her post.

Thanks for the heads up and your concern for a fellow CP sufferer. You are a great example of the members that makes this PM Forum so wonderfully special.

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I knew you would both be there to try to help her...you both are what this forum is all abt. giving some hope to those that at times have none, we all need to have more empathy for everyone don't we....it makes everyones road a little easier!
I saw you're reply and I sure hope she reads and is able to follow thru.
thx tuck
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Thank you all for your kindness.  Some of the personal posts & this board too have made me cry.  There was a time in my life when I would have been very embarrassed about this,but now, my tears are of gratitude. Your kindness is appreciated, deeply.  

There are no words for my shock as I have learned about how this whole 'new' medical system works.  I grew up trusting in Dr's, medical professionals, the government, in family, friends, community & in this past year all that trust is broken.  

I live in the USA. Values have changed somehow.  I don't understand it all, either.  But, it's a free market system  not against the law for a Dr. to refuse to treat a patient.   It should be because it is inhumane.  But humane values do not run the USA, monetary values do, I'm ashamed to say.   I don't know what happened to the world I grew up in, surely I haven't outlived my time.  

This is September.  This month makes it a whole year of the kind of pain I never knew existed.   I don't know how I've lived through this year.  I really don't.    Could I have died already and that's why all this is so upside down?   No, just pinched myself.. still alive.  

I wish something could be done.  I've tried and tried, ..and tried.  Now, I pray, and ask people to pray for me.  And I try to get food, try to keep a positive attitude.  I tell myself to wake up with healing thoughts and to go to sleep with healing thoughts.   When I find myself thinking depressed thoughts I replace them with healing thoughts.  I find ways to keep my mind alert because chronic intractable pain does awful things to the brain. I've found ways to help stop that!  I've found ways to help my situation!  No thanks to Dr.s at all.   Thank God for the internet & that my fingers still move!   And you know what?  I'm doing better now than I was before.  Life is more bearable now.  I've given up on Dr's, not on myself.  

I have to help myself.  Which I am doing.  And without doubt, kindness helps too.  You all have been very kind in wanting a better situation for me.  I am grateful for your kindness.     For everyone, and ALL OF US HERE..  I wish for us all a better situation for our health and in all ways.  

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Michelle I'm glad everyone's comments have helped you mentally bear you're pain better...thats great and I'm so very glad we could help in some small way...but Michelle you are still not getting fed nor are you getting help that you need.
Are you able to get out of the house to see anyone or do anything for yourself?

Do you have a plan to act on the good info people have passed onto you?

You have to do something to get help Michelle you need alot more than our kindness and I hope you are able to fight for that right!!
thinking of you
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Hi Michelle,
I sent you a message about some places that may help and Ill keep looking until we get you some much needed help!
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sorry I just posted to you on the DD forum I'm posting both places and not realizing you are already with us on the pain forum!! good for you, I am the foggy one!
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