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hello there
7 days ago i dislocated my shoulder  wich the stupid dr gave me  morphine and this other stuff... sadly  i asked for  nitrious oxide
they said no we  dont have it ...
so here i amgoing on 8 days later... my gf broke up with me for another guy  my sister wont return my text msg .. i wanted help from her cause shes a nurse but i guess shes got better things to do
ive also got this pain in my stomach and i cant get scans for another 2 weeks
the dr said it was just nervs or the meds doing this and to drink more liquid,,,
but its on 1 side of the head...
im so scared  
can u help me at all ?

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What other stuff are you taking?  You are having pain in your stomach and your head?
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the stomach pains were aparently  cramps and stress
atm im now not on anything til after these blood results
the dr gave me 200mg of  morphine and something else mixed with it ... the night i got my arm stuck back in
im so scared
ok i seen my dr and this other dr
1 says ... nervs under the arms and the  local they gave me ... it should be gone soon try relax
the other dr said ,,, noway the nervs would affect that  area....  and that he thinks its all in my  head
so...........i got blood tests today waiting for results...
i think morphine wouldnt do this to someone ..though ii am trying to remember the other stuff tthey gave me
im getting  stomach ultra sounds in a few weeks... theres a masive que sadly

could morphine in anyway cause this ?
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ok everyone!!!!!!! this is how  it started with me 19 days ago ...
started   with discomfort in my stomach! ... after 2 weeks of intense workout  diet change etc...
then.. i dislocaed my arm for the 2nd time ... they stabed me with a iv filled with madasilm and morphine and poped it back in sadly  the next morning i woke up with a fluttering and dizzyness feeling ...
first dr said ..... its just nervs and the medicine  
the next 2 drs said noway it could effect nervs in that area.. and noway its the medicine ....
now im here doing all these blood tests finding out reliefs and  syptoms ..
also doing tests on neck spine nerves with a dr

results came back showing i had a potasium low b 12 and folate acid low and cels enlarged red cels...
sadly  life goes on ... if u wanna hear my updates share reliefs or anything  email me at ******************** @ ******* com  
:) ill talk to u all then
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What is going on?
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the eye dr said its not my eyes but ...... it seems to have caused me alot of  stress
i cant  see my dr for another 6 days cause of easter... he was gonna tell me if i need shots or not  for b 12...
he cant tell me over the phone  cause he wants me to make an apointment
i think im not so well atm...  day 21
i should say i feel better then  last week atleast
but the numbness is still there
i feel more attached now  .... but its only in the right side of my head this is happaning ... iduno if ill get scans next or more blood tests but i want a lime disease test with a parasite 1
is enlarge red cels serious ??
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i get results tomorrow :)
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