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Severe Lower back Pain Left side

All test are negative CT Scan blood urine! Please someone help us I beg of you Doctors do the research find out what is causing this pain when we lay down! Pain only on left side lower back by kidney  sometimes accompanied by servere gas and pressure on stomache.
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Hi and so sorry you are having extreme pain. Are you saying you have blood in your urine and your CT is negative? Also, you have pain on one side near the kidney area? Was the Ct scan of your kidneys? I am thinking of a kidney infection or damage to the kidney. If  you have blood in your urine does it hurt to urinate?Sometimes pain from one area is referred and maybe there is a ulcer or another area that is causing the gas and bloating that is causing you to have pain on the other side. I 'm not  a doctor. This particular section doesn't have doctors answering questions. Have you had gall bladder liver kidney ultrasound? Also, have you had blood work drawn and a urinalysis? It also could be a kidney stone? The doctor can see how large they are and decide how to deal with it if they are. You need to pursue this with your doctors again.
take care,
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Hello Nathanrut,

Welcome to our Pain Management Forum. Please help my understand your question a bit better. I am not quite sure what you mean, "Doctors do the research find out what is causing this pain when we lay down!"

There are not any regular physicians on this forum. Have you consulted a urologist and a gastroenterologist? If not I would certainly make appointments to continue my search with those disciplines.

You sound miserable and my heart goes out to you. At the very least you deserve to have your pain treated while the medical professionals search for a diagnosis.

I know how frustrating and disappointing it can be to search and find no immediate answers. Please don't give up... there has to be a reason for your pain. CT Scans aren't the end all, be all. There are other tests that can provide information. Be assertive and insist that they continue to search.  You know your body better then anyone else. If you say you have pain and something is not right... then it isn't. A good physician will be concerned and help you get to the ottom of your symptoms.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Feel free to ask additional questions and/or add to this thread. I may not be understanding what you are asking. I wish you the very best and will look forward to hearing from you soon. You are not alone!!

Take Care,
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