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Severe Pain!!!

Here we go.... this is my last hope!! I have had WLS then 2 years ago had Tummy Tuck all the way around my mid section... all was well util last year out of nowhere around my incision sight I started feeling pressure.. went to er due to the pain and swelling... it felt like some one was pushing them selves out of me.. nowgoing on year 2.I now have had a hysterectomy, 2 CT scans, bladder scoped, colonoscopy, leak test, stomach scoped, bacterial meds., 20 lb. weight gain due to my hysterectomy don't know what to do about that... my appitite is unreal... I now look 5 months preg. the pain is so severe I cannot move, sleep, walk , sit  or lay down.  All test show nothing. except a cyst on my olvaries which we thought might be the reason for this pain. I feel like I'm on fire, ripping apart from the inside out... the pressure all around my incision sight and is so painful I cannot stand life anymore. I have gone through hell and no one seems to know why. My medical bills over the last two years have broke me, I cannot work and lost my career over this. Please help me... I feel like this is going to be the death of me and I'm only
41 years old. I have gone through hell to get to this point.. I want to feel better and enjoy my life with my children. I'm not taken any pain meds because I don't want a band aid on this... I just want it to go away... any suggestions?
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have they checked your tryglycerides. I spelt that wrong.  You should have that checked along with your sugar. R u diabetic.
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I seemed to recall an article on this. I have posted what I have so far but will continue to look for more. You can google Pfannenstiel incision as a source of chronic pain and get some results. From what I have read so far it sounds promising as a possible answer.

The Pfannenstiel incision as a source of chronic pain.

Post-Pfannenstiel pain syndromes. METHODS: All women (n=866) with a Pfannenstiel incision for cesarean delivery or abdominal hysterectomy performed between January 2003 and December 2004 received a questionnaire evaluating pain located in the Pfannenstiel region. A multivariate logistic regression analysis was done to determine predictors for chronic pain development. Patients with moderate or severe pain were interviewed and underwent a physical examination. RESULTS: The response rate was 80% (690 of 866 patients). Subsequent to a follow-up after 2 years, one third (223 of 690) experienced chronic pain at the incision site. Moderate or severe pain was reported by 7%, and in 8.9% of respondents, pain impaired daily activities. Numbness, recurrent Pfannenstiel surgery, and emergency caesarean delivery were significant predictors of chronic pain. Nerve entrapment was present in over half the examined patients with moderate-to-severe pain (17 of 32). CONCLUSION: Chronic pain occurs commonly after a Pfannenstiel incision. Nerve entrapment was found to be a frequent cause of moderate-to-severe pain.
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wow thanks i will..
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what is done to fix nerve entrapment? cannot find anything on how to fix it...
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I will look into it see what I can find out for you. Give me a little while and I let ya know what I can find out okay:)
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Hi Rilesa,

Welcome to the Pain Mangement forum. I am so sorry to hear about your pain and the  kayos it has brought to your life. It sounds like Sandee may have located some great information for you.

I'll add a bit about nerve entrapment. It's a medical term for a pinched nerve some where in your body. I am not certain which specific nerve they are discovering that becomes trapped. I hope her article/information will supply you with that. If not you are armed with some good information to take to your physician/surgeon.

My reading/research informs me that damage can be done to the nerve trunk after a hysterectomy. It was not specific but there are nerve conductive tests that can be performed to determine damage including an EMG.

Discuss this with your surgeon or physician. Often a surgeon would not want to admit that he may have injured a nerve even though the best cannot avoid it in some situations. It can just happen.

Please let us know how you are doing. We will look forward to your updates with interest. Another thought is our Hysterectomy Forum may have additional information for you. Please know that you are always welcome here but sometimes it can be helpful to post on two of our forums.

Best of Luck and Please Take Care,
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If it is nerve damange... which I did see a neuro. and she wanted to order a MRI... but I have had 2 CT..which showed nothing.. why do I need an MRI... More money I don't have... However With this being Possible Nerve damage I know that I'm not the only one who has these problems but I have yet to hear anything on what anyone is doing to fix or help the problems... it seems that the Dr.s  I have seen say I'm a liablility and they do not want to go there with me..I do have one Dr. that is wilingl to open me back up and to see what is going on from the inside.. but how many surgeries can one do anymore.... any word on nerve blocking or any thing I can do to make this manageable... Please help!
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Hi Rilesa,

I think I would have elected to have the MRI as the physician suggested. Here's some facts about MRI's..... MRI has much higher detail in the soft tissues and it is harmless to ppl. While CT provides good spatial resolution the MRI provides comparable resolution with far better contrast resolution. Another of the great advantages of MRI is the ability to change the contrast of the images.  Small changes in the radio waves and the magnetic fields can completely change the contrast of the image.  Different contrast settings will highlight different types of tissue.  

Additionally enhanced MRI techniques such as the MRI neurography are now being successfully used to detect nerve problems. Also I beleive that such diagnostic tests as EMGs may be able to pinpoint nerve damage once they have a general idea of what nerves to test.

Nerve entrapment is treated in with several different approaches, obviously the first would be the least invasive. Sometimes a good dose of steroids will help ease the pain and inflammation, other times steroidal injections or surgery if all else fails. I'm sure there may be other treatment options.

In my opinion the important issue at this point is to locate the source of your pain. It may not be nerve and I highly suspect that was the rationale behind the suggestion of an MRI. Further, more detailed "looking" may be beneficial.

In the meantime consider some pain releif through narcotics. No I am not pushing drugs but what benefit is obtained from suffering needlessly until or unfortunately if a solution or remedy is found to end your pain? Pain medications will not take your pain away....we all wish they would. What they will do is allow you a better quality of life in the interim. This is not "putting a band aid" on the pain.

Please keep in touch. We are here to support you.
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I will have to sit down and see about getting this MRI done... I have not taken any pain medication just benedryl to help sleep.  Will an MRI also show up anything if something is wrong with my gastic bypass or other problems like hernia or whatever? I really appreciate all that you have written to me... thank you
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Has anyone tried Nurottin for nerve pain... I probably didn't spell correctly sorry...
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My mother had Ulnar Nerve entrapment post open heart surgery in August of 2008. Her pain was excruciating. Neurontin was very effective in relieving her pain. I think that it is a very good medication.

Many of our members are also taking Neurontin with varying degrees of effectiveness.
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I need more info... what is the normal dosage level that is used in most patients... for Neurotin?
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First of all stop having all these tests done, they are trying to find something. Since nothing is working stop. Stop all of the medical ****.  Look at what you are eating, drinking, ingesting. I would see an acupuncturist, a chinese doctor. He or she will address the scar.  When you are cut and there is an incision any where in your body you lose energy through that incision site. You lose warmth through that area so keep it warm all the time. There is a cream, it's made from natural MSM and lavender. It's called "Nutra Face, Joint&Skin Ultra Cream. Look up Nutra Research and see if you can find out where it is sold in your area. I requested my drug store sell it.  Rub it over the area a few times a day. I have chronic pain, 7 back/neck surgeries, fibromyalgia, and some selective surgeries.  I have never used a topical cream that I go through that takes away pain. It also helps scars and skin conditions.  Try to get in the water either at the YWCA or your local gym. Moving in the water will help break up any scar tissue and help you get that weight off.  Unfortunately when we have selective surgery, they don't really go over the risks. I had a seizure after mine.  I don't think I'd ever do that again.  It took me 3 years after the surgery to lose weight and really make my surgery count. So give yourself some time.
Please stop all these tests, they don't know whats wrong and they are making you worse. Go to a good health food store, tell them what happened. If you are taking meds for bacterial stuff, ask them what you can take instead something like a pro-biotic. That will put the good bacteria back in your body.  You are getting bad bacteria from all they are doing to you.  It's a cycle we get in to because we just want an answer.  Slow down, see a doctor, describe your pain level. Perhaps you need something to help with the pain and you need to sleep. There are mild pain meds like Trazadone, ask the doctor about it. You are stressed and tired, so you eat for energy.  Swimming will also help.
Best of luck and let us know how you are.
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going to see acu. on thursday. I spoke with her today and went over everything.. she says it should take 2 sessions if no improvement then she doesnt know what else to do.... keeping fingers crossed.
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The Neurontin (gabapentin) dose is usually began low. 100-300 mg's three times per day is usually a starting point. These are not addictive. They are not a narcotic.  

I hope the acupuncturist will provide you some releif. They have not helped my pain but that doesn't mean that they won't help you.

Trazodone is not a pain medication. It is an antidepressant. Sometimes they can be helpful in reducing pain levels. It is thought to increase the activity of serotonin one of the brain chemicals.  

Additionally I do not beleive that you should stop being treated by the medical community. Nor should you stop the medical testing. None of us here are qualified to give you medical advice. Follow your physicians directions. He/she is the expert.

Please let us know how is goes at the acupuncturist on Thursday. You may also benefit from seeing a Doctor of Osteopathy. They can often do muscle releases or manipulation of your musculoskeletal system.

I'll look forward to your updates. Please keep in touch.
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