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Severe leg pain

My niece developed very severe pain in  one of her  legs last September.  They have run a lot of tests but the last nerve biopsy has now come back and was clear.  The doctors have not yet been able to control,the pain -morphine is as effective as ibuprofen . Has anyone had a similar issue but gotten a diagnosis and more importantly a treatment plan that worked .
Many thanks
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Now, don't get fresh with "Grandpa" Phil -- respect your elders!

Actually my grandkids call me Papa, so get it right -- Papa Phil Noir

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Audrey, not all pain medicines are the same. I know you have this fear "Oh my goodness, if MORPHINE doesn't help, I must REALLY be a mess."

The fact is, it is common knowledge that certain pain medications work better than others for specific types of pain.

Morphine is the "gold standard" because it has been around forever, and in the battlefield, it's given to soldiers to knock 'em out (if your unconscious, you don't feel pain haha), but for injuries less trecherous that having your limbs amputated, there are powerful alternatives that "pack a punch" without knocking you out. And not all those alternatives are necessarily opiates.

Don't "throw in the towel" like your post conveys (like "oh well, the doctors tried, not much else to do..."). Rather, seek help from the types of doctors Grandpa Phil mentioned in the post above.
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Hi,  thanks for that she has been referred for pain management but that almost seems like admitting defeat especially when they have already tried morphine and it has no effect.  Thanks for the other suggestions I will check the, out online

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Nerve biopsy is an unusual method of diagnosis. I imagine the doctors are at their wits end after physical exam, x-ray and MRI films, EMG, and more traditional diagnostic means.

Knowing nothing about the nature of her pain, I cannot suggest anything specific other than to consult a board certified pain medicine specialist, credentialed with MD, DABPM.

These doctors are trained in advanced anesthesiology, chronic pain as a disease, the central and peripheral nervous system, the use of advanced pain medication, and in techniques that can deliver pain relief with injections and other non-invasive procedures to specific areas of the body. They are also experts at diagnosis of rare pain syndromes, like central pain, CRPS, and RDS.
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