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Severe morphine induced constipation- PLEASE HELP!!

I was put on Morphin Sulphate ER on Feb. 15th.  Had a BM the evening before and became very constipated.  By Feb 18, I was having bad cramping, ate about 20 prunes and was able to have a very small BM the morning of Feb 19th.  I have not had one since.  So basically 1 small BM in 12 days!  Needless to say, I'm feeling horrible!  I have tried everything OTC, prunes and prescription Miralax.  I also went to the ER for something unrelated but asked the ER doc and he said it's not a big concern yet and wrote for the Miralax.  

Is there anything else I can do?  Please help, my beautiful Blue Eyes are starting to turn brown!!!!
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okay, you've got my attention. everything you put in you tummy needs to be with the intent to help u poo. that includes fluids. I really think you overdid it with the prunes. why?! that method hurts! Here's Jill's plan for the man, evrything rich in fiber, eat it at every meal. find what you like or at least can tolerate putting down your gullet and do it. Drink 64 ozs of water every day. regardless of opiates or not u should be consuming that much water daily. Drink filtered wter it tastes better. Whe you tak your meds drink 8 ozs water every single time no matter what. The meds work better and you gi tract responds to moving things along better. I kno it doesnt sound fun but you gotta poo. everyday you need to poo. oatmeal for breakfast, bananas are awesome, 2 a day excellent! and as many veggies as you can take. here's the deal, fiber makes your body burn food slower, that makes your meds last longer. what a concept. fiber fiber fiber. Here's the part you're not gonna like or MAYBE you will, you need an enema to get the plug out thats sitting at the bottom of your colon. Those cramping pains you feel are your intestines trying to move poo out. Until the plug is gone your up crap creek with pain. ok, so, remove the plug using a saline fleet enema. get a double box, generic is good and use it. lock the bathroom door and do the deal. you want to insert it around the plug, put as much in as you can and keep in as long as you can, preferrably if your arms are long enough, while your on the pot. when you feel like it's time to blow push with all your might. If it doesnt work the 1st time try it again after a you've had a break. being backed up w/poo is no joke. When Elvis died the whole length of his intestines were impacted. poor guy might have been septic which is severly toxic causing organ failure. so, learn what you can about the natural ways to injest fiber. Meaning through your diet. or stop the meds. I'm not sayin fiber supplements arent helpful I'm just sayin livin on meds is a full time job and if your GI tract isnt doing its job your gonna get sick. Your intestines are their own machine. once they are signaled to stop moving they follow the leader. when they are signaled to get moving they move. Everytime you take meds drink your water and eat some fiber. keep bananas handy cuz they are easy and taste good - full of pottassium. I have nothing against prunes except they hurt. they really hurt, including prune juice. me and two of my sisters ea drank 4 oz glass and where hurtin. we didnt even need the fiber and it didnt make us poo it just HURT. Thats oldschool from like the early 1900's. dang dude I hope you read this and try to change your everyday habits or things will not get better. go on, send the wife to the drugstore for the enema double box, generic, saline. Happy Flowin to u    
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Hajji- You're awesome!  Funny too!  I appreciate you replying to all of my concerns and will try everything you mentioned.  I have always had an intake of 1 gallon + of water everyday, but apparently that's not enough especially when on opiates/opioids!

Thanks again!

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I would also like to add that in situations as serious as yours (no bowel movement in 12 days), I would suggest that you buy a two pack of Fleet saline enemas at the grocery store.  Lie on your side on the bed with a towel underneath you (of course).  Inject the solution into your rectum, hold it in for at least 5 minutes (but no more than 15 minutes) or until you have a strong urge to go and GO!  You shouldn't do an enema more than once every 2 weeks (if needed).  They aren't painful at all but it provides immediate relief unlike waiting for fiber or laxatives to work.

Miralax is a great laxative and it is safe to take every single day unlike stimulant laxatives.  It is best to take it right before bedtime as your bowels relax during the night when you sleep and they are most active in the morning.  Mix it into your prune juice or any other beverage you choose.  MAKE SURE it is fully dissolved!!!  If you drink it when it is not fully dissolved, it will cause intense tummy cramps.

I would get into the habit of taking one dose of Miralax before bed every day you don't have a BM.  Once you have a BM, you can take a break for a day or two but only for a day or two and then restart the Miralax.  This regimen needs to be continued as long as you are on opioid therapy as constipation is one of those of side effects that never goes away.  Also wanted to mention that Miralax can be bought over the counter as well.

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Thank you so much for your response!  I greatly appreciate it!  Well, after reading Hajji's response, I think my rectum was nervous or scared because not 20 minutes later, I was having a BM.  Not nearly enough to compensate for the last 12 days, but funny nonetheless!

Thanks again!

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I'm hv the same problem. I poop maybe every 10-14 days. Seriously no lie. I've been on pain meds since 06 and morphine since 2014. My constipation didn't get worse until 2016 when I had weight loss surgery  (sleeve). They just made my stomach the same size as a toddler. I lost weight too fast bc I'm always nauseous and stomach hurts. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!
Hi you really need to talk to your dr about your infrequent bowel movements and constipation. If you can't see a dr now, in the interim go and speak to a pharmacist.
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Guys im having the same problem I havent had a bm for 13 days now and in agony with constipation and endometriosis which is lower right of abdomen in in so much pain I live in the uk and Im up to my eyes with laxitives there not working like one person said I need to get rid of the plug but I cant xxx
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