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Shaming by doctor re: oxycodone

Hi everyone, I'm new here.  Long story very short.  I've been taking oxycodone (almost 2 years) for several issues which all seem to be very common here.  Small dose 2 - 5/325 a day.  4/5 of my doctors seem to think it's fine for my ailments and repeatedly tell me this is a lifelong thing for me (managing my pain).  However, a neurologist recently made me feel ashamed.  I was contemplating weaning down to one which I think I can do.  Has anyone else experienced shaming by doctors?  I found this to be very depressing as there's no real answer for those of us with chronic issues.  I continue to stay physically strong exercise, yoga, pt as directed by my rheumatologist.  I 'feel' I'm doing the right things to maintain some health.  But 'if' i were to wean, I was hoping for some advice regarding a schedule.  

Thanks for your help.
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Thank you CR! Very sweet of you.  See earlier post about informing my other specialist re this 'newer' doctors comments.  Ugh, so frustrating isn't it?
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Thank you Danna,
I have similar issues with some added bone problems, needless to say, I was a little thrown off by this doctor.  I will be informing my other specialist as well to get their feedback.  ;)
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I went through a period where the doctors I was seeing for an intestinal issue all gave me the run around, the shaming, acted like I was a hypochondriac. Then I ended up in the hospital with a colon resection. Boys was I ever angry at them. I wrote them letters and copied to their respective medical associations. Never take that from a doctor. You know your body best. As to weaning off. I have done that but definitely told my doctor and had his approval.
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First thing. Rid yourself of the guilt.  Opiates can twist emotions. Last thing you need at this time.   If a person is blind, should they feel guilty about it?
  Our society is full of finger pointing. Please know you are in this situation with so many others.  Blame is pointless.
  As we are support for you, the Dr needs to be involved with any Taper plan.
      Thank you for your post!  You are important to us. We are hear to help.
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I myself was just told this yesterday. I am a chromic pain patient with a back injury. I have a herniated disc in my neck, a bulging disc in my lower back. this has been going on for over 5 yrs. I am on oxyicotin 15 mg and  oxycodone 10-325. I am on these and the doctor told me I needed to be weaned off  of them. he said I was desensitized to the pain. the little bit of pain and to me it is chronic....lmao  These doctors see you 10 minutes the need to spend a few days with you before a comment like it. Good luck there are some good over the counter things depending where you are hurt. Good luck.....Danna
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