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Shingles Blood Test?

Could any Doctor please tell me if there's a blood test specifically taken for a diagnosis of Shingles and if so, what is it called?  And, I had a test and my results indicate that I do indeed have the virus, but I haven't really seen the results.  I know that my number was 3.4 and I have terrible pain and wonder what to ask for because the doctor prescribed Acyclovir for the viruse and Tramadol (but it doesn't help the pain).  Thank you very much for any information you might give me.  Judy
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I know there is a blood test but don't remember what it's called, sorry. I had a family member come down with shingles two years ago and still has some risidual pain. They gave her Lyrica for it. I don't know if it helped much though. Nerve pain is hard to treat. I have had radiculopathy in the past and took Neurontin for it and it helped a lot. Later I switched to Topamax and it helped better, but the side effects can be really bad. It messes with your short term memory and tends to make you dopey. Many people call it Dopamax. It also caused me to have kidney stones. If it is nerve pain the best thing would probably be something like Lyrica or Neurontin. It helps with the transmission of the pain signals in the nerves. It disrupts them somehow. Hope that helps. Good luck.

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