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Should I look for a New PM

Hi All,
In September I started seeing a new pm due to my other one abruptly closing his office. I later learned he had been arrested for obstruction of justice charges related to a drug ring being ran out of his office. At any rate, my new doctor has been a big disappointment. I feel he's judging me on the grounds of who my dr. was and not treating me on my symptoms or history or at all. When I talk to him, he doesn't seem to listen. He doesn't look at my chart although I provided him with history going back 17 years. He just asked who my dr. was and decreases my meds again.
I signed a pain contract with him. Do I need to terminate the pain contract before looking for another dr. or find another dr first? I read post on here and see that a lot of you can talk to your dr. and they are interested in helping you. I had a dr. like that in NC but when we moved back to LA had to find a dr. locally.
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Not sure how to go about it. Maybe 1st get a referral to a new Dr. Then call their office & ask the protocol for this switch.
I saw( just once) a good PM doc. He said I wasn't addicted. Take pills when you have urgent pain. Otherwise don't take them. I had 7 surgeries. So I got the scripts from the Dentist. My Pdoc recommended the pm doc. Los Alimitos or Long Beach CA.
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If it were me, I would abide by the LETTER of that contract! (After all, you agreed to, and signed it, right?).

Now, your contract probably says not to get medication from other doctors, but I doubt it says anything about *visiting* other doctors.

So, if it were me, I would find another doctor, first, and I would make sure the contract is terminated IN WRITING (CERTIFIED) before accepting other prescriptions.

Read it carefully! If you don't understand something in it, get legal help ("Oh sorry I misread that, or didn't understand that part" will not be a valid excuse).

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Thanks for the comments but I wouldn't dare get meds from other drs before terminating the contract first.
And I will make sure I do that in writing.

Wishing all a safe, pain free Happy New Year!
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