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Shoulder pain for months

About 4 months ago my right shoulder started hurting. The main movements that cause alot of pain are moving my arms behind my back(to take bra on/off) and lifting my arm above my head when trying to clip up my hair. I did knock my " funny bone" prior to this starting but I would not think this would cause later shoulder pain. I really do not know exactly when it started or when I noticed it. I just know it has been months. My primary doctor gave me a prescription to get an x-ray. Will this show anything? In case you need more info. I am 53 years old.
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It may, depends on what might be causing the pain. If its muscular or tendon/ligament related, then an xray won't show that.  Xrays are good for ruling in or out fractures, arthritis, bone related abnormalities.
It could be muscular, ligament or tendon related, or even bursitis that is causing the on going pain.
So it seems since there was no accident/injury  involved getting an Xray seems to be a waste of time. If you were presented with my symptoms would you have me do an Xray or an MRI?
Usually the insurance company dictates what tests need to be done, in each situation. Xrays first to r/o bone issue- ie fracture/dislocation. If that's clear, maybe physical therapy to see if that helps, if not then MRI to look at soft tissues.
If you don't get the xray, insurance may not approve any further testing is usually how done.
Thank you for your input. I was thinking what you said also. I will go for the Xray first. I am just in so much pain. I was just hoping it would go away but have not been that lucky. I read online(not that I believe everything I read) that someone took Vitamin D and after weeks it was better. My D has always been low(12) so I started taking 3000iu a month ago but my shoulder is no better.
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Try resting it and ice.  It may be that you are continuing to aggravate the injury by using it. Especially if it muscular, tendons or ligaments.
Sometimes , resting and ice does wonders and allows some healing, lessens inflammation by doing so.
I try to avoid what causes the pain but it is difficult. It is hard to avoid getting dressed and washing your hair. The pain is not just in front of the shoulder it is also under my armpit. If the ice cannot hurt I would try it. How long/often should I use ice and should I place it on top of my shoulder?  
Ice should be used for only 10 minute spurts at a time.  Give the shoulder a chance to rest, then ice another 10 mins.  Backhurtz has given you great advice.  

Have you ever had surgery on your shoulders...or this particular shoulder before?  If so, you might be looking at arthritis.  I ended up with arthritis after both my shoulder surgeries in the same yr, and like you, putting a bra on or omg, washing my hair is So difficult, as I have poor ROM now.  

If you should have a tear...which kind of sounds like the case (I had one in one shoulder, and a bone spur in another, and they were both Very Painful!), see if an MRI will be done first in order not to waste your time.  Although backhurtz is absolutely correct in that the ins will dictate the order in which to go about all this.  You normally cannot fight their protocol, just do as they say.  

Hey, if the large amt of Vit D works, then hey, more power to you!

Let us know~
You might also ask your dr for an rx for Anaprox DS (Write this down.  This is Aleve, just a stronger dose, and more affordable with ins).  My husb was in a horrific accident several yrs ago, and he says Aleve works best next to the the small mgs' in morphine ER hs has been given.  You need something like an NSAID, for the anti-inflammatory relief.  

I never had any problems with my shoulder before this pain started happening out of nowhere. I have done nothing over these months except things that you have to do to get through the day. I decided to just go for an Xray first because I do not want to deal with insurance problems. I am very anti drugs. I take an occasional Advil but hate taking anything more. I would be willing to take it if it going to help the problem and not just" mask" it.
I just saw my Xray report and it says mild Acromioclavicular degenerative changes. Now what?? Any thoughts?
The doctor will go over the report since none of us are doctors. I would guess that they may recommend some physical therapy, maybe anti inflammatory meds, and perhaps an injection to ease the inflammation.
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