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Soccer injury

I don't know what's wrong with my right ankle, but after every soccer practice/game/camp my ankle always hurts for a few days. It ranges from a dull ache to a sever pain. It occasionally swells and bruises, but not often. Can someone please tell me what's wrong? I'd appreciate it. Thank you!
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This is a PERFECT example why Experienced Posters include a little disclaimer, "Be sure to check with your doctor," because instructions like these (24+ Advil Tablets a day) can KILL.

No! DON'T take 24 Advils a day, unless you want your Liver, Kidneys, and Stomach to LOCK UP!

Do what Jerry19 Suggested -- go to an Urgent Care Clinic. If THEY say to take Advil, then take the advil.

Ilovebeingfat is probably FAT because his/her stomach SHUT DOWN from all the Advil.
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There's something there that you're not allowing to fully heal 100%. You MUST allow 100% healing, before banging it around again w/ soccer, or whatever.

I would recommend going to a simple Urgent Care clinic, getting an xray, and doctors advice. Then, letting it TOTALLY heal.

Otherwise, this could go on forever and ever.... and even get worse.
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