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Spinal Stimulation Implant- Is this appropriate for me or should I search for more answers

I had another horrible appointment with a neurosurgeon this morning. He literally spent 2 MINUTES with me and said he could not help me and I should go back to my pain management doctor and have a spinal cord stimulator implant. He didn't even do a single physical exam or neurological test. How can I ever find out what is wrong with me if they won't even perform an exam? I am SO SICK of these doctors who don't care! I have had severe muscle spasms from the below the bra line up to the base of my neck which are not relieved by any medication or injections. I have a prodtruding disk that is indenting the thecal sac at T8-T9 My nerve conduction study reported: a decrease in sensory amplitude in the right median nerve. An increase in sensory distal latency in both median nerves, both ulnar nerves and both sural nerves. A decrease in motor amplitude in the right median nerve and left ulnar nerve. An increase in motor distal latency was recorded in both median nerves, both ulnar nerves, both peroneal nerves, and the left tibial nerve. An increased F-Wave frequency latency in the right median nerve, left ulnar nerve, and right tibial nerve. The neurosurgeon said that I should have a spinal cord stimulator implant, but I am afraid this would just mask the underlying problem. I am also worried that since my pain covers such a large amount of my back that the implant wouldn't relieve my pain. Should I keep looking for another doctor or just continue with this invasive pain management treatment? Can someone tell me more about the pros and cons of a spinal cord stimulator implant? Also, if you have had one did it help you?
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what did your mri show?  do you have osteophytes? or foraminal problems..c3-c-7?
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I have posted some info on the SPS and SSI.
In your situation I would definatly find a Dr who will acuallty lay his hands on you to do an exam. I would not be doing this or even considering it with out seeing the right Dr. I know how frustrating it is to find one but you should really try. I undestand it is really difficult to get them out if you find they don't work or just simply don't want it anymore.
Please get all the info and make your decision with a qualified Dr.
I wish you the best of luck and if you need anything we are all here for you.
(Please excuse my spelling my spell check isn't workng)
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Wow you know alot about this stuff. You should be a doctor.

How long have you been dealing with all of this?

What kind of Pain killer are you on ?

Just asking b/c I have Lymes disease (20 years) and i am trying to find a pain killer that does not make me so tired. My job is one that can not be done properly if i'm tired all the time.
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Coolio Hernendez
If your talking about me tank you so much for the compliment, I am so flattered!
I take oxycontin and lorcet10/650 and I take ultram sometimes instead of the lorcet when I can. Have you visited our Lyme disease community? the members there have everyday experience with the symptoms and also the treatments that do work best. Do you take anything for pain now? I have found that the oxycontin does the best for pain control because it is extended release and also has few side effects. The worst med you can take is Methadone it causes severe drowsiness at least it did with me and I have heard several others say it does also. I would recommend you talk to your Dr about the treatment available to you, I think the oxycontin is a wonder drug it has been for me. You would have to see if it works for you, the lortab, vicoden and lorcet are short acting drugs and contain tylenol and the Tylenol is not good for you to take over long periods of time and it will damage your liver. If you OD on Tylenol your just gone because it is nearly impossible to reverse so I would not recommend being on it for a long time or using it as a main part of your pain control. I do not take but one lorcet a day if that.
Talk to your Dr and ask him if he/she thinks this is an option for you to take safely.
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What's Lymes Disease? Similar to Lyme Disease? :) Seriously, I take Sulindac or Arthrotec for joint pain & have no side effects.
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I have done quite a bit of research on SCS and would be more than happy to share info with you or anyone else along with a couple of great websites, one of which has real people with SCS that you can talk to.

I do think you are correct in that you should find the underlying cause of why you are having severe muscle spasms and I'm not sure even if the SCS would help with that. Some people have said that SCS increases their spasms and/or causes them. Also SCS do not work on every type of pain. Best thing is to find the underlying cause and then do a trial to see if it works for you.

Best wishes.
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