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Steroid shots every 2 weeks

My pain doc is giving me prednisone pain shots in my shoulder area in back. They do seem to be in the muscles. They are giving them to me every 2 weeks for the last 3 months. I am curious if this common cuz all I've seen is max of 3-4 times a year and it's really making me skeptical??
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It depends on the location and purpose of the injections - I would ask specific questions of the dr before your next injection- what are you injecting and where? What is the purpose of the injections? When can I expect to know if they are helping or not? How many injections are you planning before deciding if this is helping or not.
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Thank you, I just now saw your response. I will do my best to ask these questions, but, unfortunately, it is very difficult for me to get them to let me talk at all unless I'm answering a question of theirs. The CNP's are much better at that, so, I will try to see one of those instead of the doctor on my appt at the end of month. I just got curious when everyone I saw talk bout it or info on websites they said 3-4 times a year and im gettin every 2 weeks and already starting to have the swelling issues. Thank you again for your response.
The dr should answer your questions without hesitation. If he doesn’t, you may need to find a new dr.
While steroids can be very helpful in some conditions/circumstances- there are risks and complications that can come with repeated use, and should be clearly explained.
Informed consent means just that- the patient is informed of the reason , expected outcomes/goals, risks and benefits of any treatment/medication a medical provider suggests.
I know having to find another dr is not at the top of anyones list of things they want to do but you need a dr that is able to explain your condition, what he plans to treat it, and the risks/benefits for outcome. Good luck.
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