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Strange pain..

Ok...  my knee is killing me and for the life of ,me i cant figure out why Im having severe pain , where I cant walk nor lift my leg properly. This just started like three days ago and it hasnt been getting any better. The weird thing is I dont remember hitting it up in the past week,ive only been walking on the treadmill.... What could be causing this awful pain? I cant think I have the BIG A and im only 23... Any ideas?
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Thanks alot everyone... Well im going to go to the doctor but strangely just as it came so its going.. I woke up this morning and its not that bad. Its like its fadding.... But im still going to my doctor because this is very starnge... I thank both of you again so much and @ TUCK very informative stuff now im gonna google also.... :)
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Hello Toni,

Welcome to MedHelp's Pain Mangement Forum. I am glad that you found us but sorry to hear about your knee pain.

You are so young to have knee pain. I am far from an expert but the first thing that comes to mind in your situation is a Meniscus Tear. Meniscal tears are among the most common of knee injuries. They can occur without an actual "injury" to the knee. A simple turn or movement can cause them. They can occur at any age. Because you are so young other knee conditions don't fit as well. Please understand that I cannot diagnosis you and this is just my personal opinion.

Meniscus is the cartilage that act as "shock absorbers" between your thighbone and shinbone. There are actually two pieces of cartilage they a tough and rubber-like substance that help to protects this area. After wear and tear, sometime simple or after a minor or major knee injury this cartilage can tear. And again It can tear without any know incident or accident.

Usually an MRI is required to confirm this diagnosis. However your physician will have a good idea the sourse of your pain from a thorough examination and will proceed accordingly from there. Do you notice a clicking in your knee or does it get "caught" when you are moving it? Is there swelling or redness?

Some Meniscal tears can be treated successfully with RICE, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Much will depend on the location of the tear. Some meniscal tears require surgical intervention, again simply due to the location. Normally they can be repaired with a Knee arthroscopic approach. It's a day surgery and fairly common. I had a knee arthroscopy for a clean up of a ruptured ACL.

Of course there are other conditions that can cause knee pain in a young healthy person. You could also be experiencing Patellar Tendonitis. The patellar tendon connects the kneecap (the patella) to the shin bone. Tendonitis usually occurs with over use.  It is sometimes referred to as "jumper's knee."  In some instances it can occur without any significant over use. The tendon becomes inflamed, swollen and irritated. This is also very painful.  

Patellar Tendonitis rarely requires surgery. It is treated with RICE. Often your physician will also prescribe an NSAID. They may also apply a support strap, a knee brace, or custom orthotics. It will depend on your physician and the severity of the tendonitis. If it is resistant to the above measures sometimes a burst of oral steroids are prescribed.

I do not know if you have the above mentioned conditions. You may have strained your knee or the support structures surrounding it. A strain is also painful. I suggest that you begin resting the area. I would not continue to use the treadmill until you consult your physician. If this is something simply even light activity could be aggravating and make it more complicated. Certainly if this is a meniscus problem or tendonitis activity could make the conditions much more complicated and should be avoided for now.

Please keep in touch with us. I will look forward to your updates with interest. And please make an appt to see your PCP. Don't ignore your symptoms. Pain is your body's way of informing you that something is wrong. It is a warning sign that should not be taken lightly. I wish you the very best and hope that you will soon be feeling much better, very soon.

Take Care,
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I would like to welcome you the Pain Management forum.  As you already know we are a community of chronic pain patients.  I wish there were a doctor at least monitoring this forum but there is not.  But we do offer support, advice and friendship to other chronic pain patients.

I wouldn't even begin to try to diagnose this.  It could most anything from a strain to a cyst (bakers cysts are painful and cause swelling.  I get them) .  Until you get in to see your doctor about this, which I would definitely recommend, you can try ice or heat on it.  And some sort of OTC anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen.  Sometimes a knee brace will help.

I wouldn't think it would be arthritis but you won't be sure unless you see a doctor.  I'd recommend a Sports Medicine doctor.  They are usually best for these types of problems.

Do check back.  I'm sure someone will be along to give you a better answer than I.  Do let us know how you're doing.

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