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Suboxone for pain

I am currently on Suboxone, 4 mgs twice a day, FOR PAIN and to also treat my addiction. In my opinion based on my experience, Suboxone does seem to help with my daily FMS pain, but it does not touch my flare ups or my nerve pain at all, Advil and Prednisone works better for my situation.  But this is just "MY" experience as everyone reacts differently to medication taken for pain, more so if tolerance is involved.

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My doctor also prescribed Suboxone for pain management associated with a cancer.  I refused to accept the 5 vicoprophen per day that he was pushing; although I have no history of dependence or addiction, my brother has.  I did not want to be "saddled" to taking painkillers for the rest of my days...  My doc said, "Wha, you don't want these nice vicos I'm giving you?  Don't they make you feel better?"  I was stunned!  That is only putting a band-aid on the problem!  That said, Suboxone takes care of the pain and I am on other treatments for the cancer, directly.  It works for MY pain, just fine.  As a matter of fact, they don't know WHY but it DOES shrink (and work in conjunction wih my other meds) and my tumors are shrinking.  They don't know WHY but it IS WORKING.  There is a small group who are also on the same medication for similar.  It's research related but the course of action is under approval, presently.  Thus far, the pain is managed with the Suboxone and I also add Advil (anti-inflamitory) as well.  Coupled, it's a miracle.  Seriously!  I was also offered another medication for pain (also non-narcotic because I do not want them) called Ponstil (spelling?) which does the same thing as 4 regular Advil or 1 prescription strength Ibuprophen.  However, the active ingrediant in the Ponstil is something else, not Ibuprophen, Asprin or Tylenol.  It's something else and based on MY experience and others' you only need 1 Ponstil to 7 Advil or Tylenol.  (Over the course of the day.)  It's amazing stuff; completely safe and non-narcotic, however it's VERY expensive for me.  They apparently used to offer it to Military for their pain as a safe alternative to opiate-based medications.  (My doc is former Military doc.)  I highly recommend both Ponstil AND your Suboxone for the treatment of your pain.  If my pain can be removed and even forgotten about by taking them, I can only imagine how relieved you would feel.  The ONLY side-effect that I can't stand regarding the Suboxone is the fatigue, carelessness and absent-mindedness.  Major personality swings hat I have never experienced, prior to being prescribed Suboxone.  Have your doc ask and check you for these mood changes, regarding Suboxone, just in case.  Good luck and enjoy your pain-free life!
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