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Taking Neurontin - first day or two great - now no help

About a month ago I was  talking about trying to go from 75 µg to 50 µg of fentanyl.   gave up stayed at 75.  when I saw my primary on March 9 and asked if there was not something else he could do.  he said have you ever tried Neurontin?   I replied no.

he wrote me a  script  for 300 mg.   one tablet at bedtime.   if no ill effects after two weeks increase to two.

Will the first night   was wonderful.   I actually slept about 5 hours without waking   went back to sleep and slept another three.  I took an ibuprofen pm along with the Neurontin.  the  next tonight I took just the  Neurontin.   the effect was not as good.   so I added the ibuprofen pm.   I only slept for two hours before waking up.  I did not have the severe hurt that made me go down stairs to my exercise machine.  but I did have dry mouth.  

I have been on it I think now for one week  and I'm really feeling discouraged.  the initial benefits have simply worn off.
on the fourth day  I decided to take the second one then rather than wait the full two weeks.   fortunately it has not made me dizzy.  but it does make me really really groggy which I would rather not be put it mildly.   taking the second one has reved up the grogginess but not allowed more sleep

I called into my primary told the nurse the symptoms she called back saying that he says stick with the two about 45 minutes before bedtime and see if it doesn't get better.   I had wondered whether I should try them maybe two hours before bedtime. Did two nights ago and that didn't help either. Took ibuprofen p.m. and two last night got through the night without coming downstairs but still woke up with dry mouth virtually every hour.   dry mouth as I understand it being a side effect of the fentanyl.

The first hour this morning that I was up  I was horribly groggy.   I worked out on my recumbent cross trainer for 20 minutes and felt better but still groggy.   was tempted to go back to sleep  but I managed to stay  up today and have actually finished up the first draft of an interview for my newsletter.

Not sure why but often times about this time of day I get a bit less groggy right now I would say that my state is about average.  I have been prescribed  10 mg hydrocodone 325 acetaminophen for breakthrough pain up to four day.   With the  fentanel 75mcg   I am mostly pain-free.  Occaisionally two but in the last couple of weeks not more than one a day.

aside from the fact  that it is muscle stiffness at night  that brings on chronic pain  my fentanyl regimen  with exercise leaves me mostly pain-free.  But the night problem is still there.   for a while the Neurontin got my hopes really  but now I'm feeling rather discouraged again.    What to do?
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I have been living with neuropathy pain for over 9 years and have tried numerous medications, I feel your pain, I am so sorry to hear your having trouble finding something that works for you.
I take topamax (200mg)bid , at one time I was prescribed it along with neurotin 3600 mg before bedtime, unfortunately I also had differante adverse reactions and could no longer take it.  They have tried almost everything in the book for my second nerve pain management care, but haven't been able to find anything to fill it. But trust me there are quite a bit out there I can attest to that.  So as of now I am on just the Topamax and my pain med.  But I never give up hope.  A cheery disposition and the love and support of family is what keeps me going. Good luck I hope they find out what works for you.
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It took me about a month to get used to Gabapentin & the grogginess- but I can attest to the fact that for me- I no longer feel any side effect of grogginess- even after an increase of daily dosage. It's now been 2 years on it and (well, given my brain/spine surgery in 9/15, I don't think it wise to even know what neuropathic/nerve pain it could be further relieving...infact, the increase came after that brutal surgery). I'm not always a fan of the "give it a couple months" that doctors say. But, I'm glad I have this one a shot! It does not effect me in the sleepiness, grogginess, lethargy, etc. department any more . Dry mouth...I'm in other meds. that can easily be the culprit. But even with that, I've found ways to combat that. Not every med. is for everybody. All I can say is that the grogginess of Gabapentin/Neurontin certain went away. :)
I'm am very glad Neurontin is working out for you.  
I found that I had dry mouth quite a bit also, but mine was do to having an iron deficiency.  I had no idea until a neighbor saw me sucking on ice all the time, and told me I should have it checked. Had it checked it was 9.  Just thought I would mention just in case. My doctor actually does do a lot of blood test on me because of all the problems I have, but for some reason this was not one they did.
It's nice to hear when a medication works and makes our life better.  Nice to hear from you. Good luck with everything.
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Thanks for the feedback.  I have had about 3 or 4 decent nights on 600 mg neurontin at 11 pm and nothing else (ie no ibuprophen).  I sleep about 2 hours before waking up but instead of going downstairs to peddle i can do a stretch or 2 and then back to bed.

to think the grogginess went away - wouldn't THAT be awesome!

Grreatful does the 3600 mg replace partially or completely an opiod pain reliever?
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No it does not the doctors had me on 200mg topiramate bid, 3600 Gabapentin before bedtime along with my opiod pain every 4 hours.
With all of this I am still unable to exercise I have a different nerve damage then you. Mine was caused from a hernia repair.  So it effects my groin down my leg, so since the Gabapentin didn't work we have tried many different types and haven't found a new one.  They say surgery will cause more damage then cure.  But I am still hopeful and will keep looking. I also take Naproxen. And Ibuprofen on really bad days.
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