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Thanks and Nerve Ablation Update

I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped me with info on nerve blocks and ablations for the inguinal nerve and subsequent crushing testicular pain.

With your help I have found a doctor who will do a nerve block on my left inguinal nerve next week. Although it seems the shot the original surgeon gave me to diagnose the nerve pain will be the same one administered as a block. That only lasted about 6 hours. But if it works he knows someone who can freeze the nerve. We'll try a block on my wrists too. Who knows I might be able to work again yet!  I hope so, then I can work on getting my own place again and getting married.

I don't know if any  men on this forum have ever taken pristiq I started almost a week ago I seem to notice some difference. The wierdest thing has happened today though.  Yesterday both sides were in excrutiating pain. I couldn't stand it. It was like that all weekend. But today while the left side has remained in agony, the right side has done a complete 180 and now the intense pain has been replaced with an intense feeling of pleasure I guess. God it feels so wierd!  It's like having Frere Jacques and Crazy Train stuck in your head playing simultaneously.

I haven't found any listed side effects that may account for this. So I was wondering if it ever happened to anyone else here. Otherwise I guess my body has just gone crazy and is waiting for my brain to catch up.
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Well that little glitch seems to be over. Now I'm just back to hot flashes. Medications can do some wierd things. Makes me wonder why people ever want to do drugs?  Wierd.
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Sorry I am late to respond. If our suggestions and information helped you in any way we are happy and welcome your update. We learn so much from one another on this forum.

I am very glad to hear that you have found some promising solutions for your pain.

We have very few males on the site. Chronic pain statistically effects more females then it does males. I guess we are just lucky all the way around...we get to do all the child-birthing and have most of the chronic pain....who could ask for more?  :o)

Sorry you too are experiencing hot flashes.

My Best to You,
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you wrote:
It's like having Frere Jacques and Crazy Train stuck in your head playing simultaneously.

I COMPLETELY understand! lol

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I kind of gathered that looking around.

My first day on my first job this old woman comes up to me and says you would have been a pretty girl. So I dunno. I guess in build type I'm shorter and lighter than most of the men I know, at least until recently at 30 I can finaly build muscle if I felt well enough to do weights again, so maybe there is something in that. And now I am apparently going through menopause so... that old lady totaly cursed me... I think

I keep telling my mom to show me the factory warranty and send me back for recall :)

Believe me women have it rough to be sure, but you also have many fine gifts and qualities that we males at best find elusive to our side of the species. We would be hopelessly lost without all you do for us.  

I'll let everyone know what happens next week. Chronic pain is expensive ;) When my parents kick me back out I'm moving in to my docs house. the way I figure it I have paid 650 of his mortgage per month for the last 4 years, that should at least get me a room, or a plaque.

Oh and to all in general my previous comment did not in anyway condone abusing presciption drugs. It was meant to convey that I find thier side effects vexing and cannot understand why someone would submit themselves to it if they did not have to.
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I'm glad that you've found someone who can do the nerve block for you and is willing to do more to help take care of the pain.  It's great when we have a plan and hope for not being in pain anymore.  
I think for my money I'd like to have a recliner with my name on it put in the waiting room.  CP is definetly expensive.
I don't think anyone thought you were conding drug abuse.  I wonder why people would abuse medication as well.  It doesn't seem like it would be worth it.
We're all glad you've joined us and will be looking forward to hearing how the nerve block goes.
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I'll watch for your next update.

Yeah no warranties on any of us. :o)  I'm sure my parents would have returned me had they be able.

Good thought on moving in with your physician. I actually think I built my PCP new home with the mother-in-law suite? You'd think at least I could lave a room!
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Well it did not disappear after all. Pesky little bugger.  This odd little side effect just pops up at random now.

So there I am at church, standing in front of the congregation giving a public discourse, and BAM! there it is.  If it's just pain I focus past it while I talk without missing a beat, but gid this is distracting, I got through with out any signs of having a problem... but...

It's like the live action rehearsal for the dream where your giving a talk only to realize, your pants they be missing, and you're standing in your underwear.  I didn't think I could get emabarrased anymore with generally being treated like meat by various docs for the last four years, but I was wrong.

On the upside it has started to effect the pain in my hand, it has been stronger these last two weeks, but now with the Pristiq it has a tingling/itching component... like it's screaming out as it dies. it is also an odd feeling but hopefully a good sign.
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