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Tramadol addiction and bleeding between periods

I have been addicted to tramadol for a few years, and in the past few months I have had some VERY light spotting/bleeding between periods. I have no insurance and no Dr. I am concern as to whether tramadol can cause cancer of the liver. I also have pain, (not severe, more dull and annoying than anything) in the liver area. Does anyone have even a guess as to whats going on with my body? I am currently weaning myself off so that I can conceive a child, but it will take at least another month or two. Could it just be that the tramadol irritates my stomach? I also take excedrin on a daily basis for migraines that I have suffered from for years.
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Sorry about the Tramadol.  It can tough to get off.  I'm not sure but I think you need to taper off that and shouldn't go cold turkey.  Have you checked out the Addiction forum here?  You might be able to get some good information there about addiction.

Spotting between periods?  Could you already be pregnant?   That can happen.  Maybe you should take a pregnancy test.  (And just curious if you have no insurance, how are you going to pay for a pregnancy and a baby ... pediatricians, medications, etc.?"

The pain in your liver area, no one can diagnose that other than a doctor.  Well, only a doctor can diagnose any of it.  See if there's a clinic that has you pay by your income .

Best of luck.
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Sorry to hear your addicted to tramadol. I hope your able to get off from them so you can get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy and baby!
I'm not sure if tramadol can do that to your stomach or not. But that on top with the excedrin might be messing with you but I don't see how it could mess with your period but I am not a doctor so I wouldn't know. I hope someone else on here has some ideas for you.
Best of luck to you,
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