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Trial for Spinal Cord Stimulator

I have DDD and have had radio frequency injections for 6 years that work well.  November 2011 I had a total knee replacement and have nerve damage from that as well as in lower back.  I have complete faith in my Pain Mgmt Dr. and he also gave me a lot of information from Medtronics and have done quit a bit of reseach on the SCS.  I'm scheduled for the trial June 21.  What advice can you all give me and what will my limitations be.  How do you cope with every day things during the trial.  I am both hopeful and excited and looking forward to getting off of the pain meds.
Thank you!
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Welcome Fellow Wisconsinite,

I can't offer information based on personal experience. This winter (wasn't in WI) I was offered a trial SCS. However after careful consideration it was agreed that due to my multiple allergies to ATB (antibiotics) it was not a good option.

The PMP did provide me with a DVD to view on the trial and procedure. Were you given one also? I have heard both good and bad on this forum. My biggest concern would be that the equipment can become embedded and permanent over time. Some imaging will no longer be possible with the SCS in place.

I know there are discussions on the SCS in our forum archives. Try searching them if you obtain no other responses to your post. If you need some assistance please feel free to ask me. Best of luck and I hope you will share your experience with us.

Take Care,
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I had a scs placed a few years ago for chronic nerve pain on my left arm and because of the leads they used (metronic) and where it is in my spine, when I lift my head or look up, turn my head, urinate or even ,move a certain way I get al "buzzing, whooshing sensentation in my head and sometimes in my thighs.  My stimulator worked GREAT for about a month.. I think when the swelling went down ( no sure the reason, just a guess) my issues started, the feeling was not the same pain control was worse and the whooshing started.  My MD (best in Boston) told me it was temporary... Not sp much.  I hardly use it now because I have to constantly turn it up and down when I move...

Hope this helps
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Thanks for your reply.  I'm reading and reseaching a lot about the SCS and will go for the trial.  I'm interested in some statistics from the Medtronics representative as to what percentage of people have lead breaks and what the long range relief is from the implant 1 yr - 3 yrs later.  Do you personally think that is an acceptable question for Medtronics?
Thanks - have a wonderful day!

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