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Udate: CDC Opiate Guidelines!

Hello my friends in pain,

As you may recall I have discussed the proposed involvement of the CDC in pain management in the last several months. If you don't know I disagree with their involvement. The "Draft" for their proposed Guidelines is now complete. It can be viewed and their web-site and a link to that can be found in my journal. I'll that link at the end of this thread.

The CDC couldn't get the guidelines in handling Ebola right - indeed they got it wrong five times. I guess now they think they can do better in Pain Management.

I'm fatigued at the continued governmental interference between physicians and their patients. We all know there were Pill Mills that needed to be shut down and Greedy, Incompetent Physicians that needed to be dealt with. Sadly it's gone too far - as often is the case. Physician's no longer solely determine our opiate therapy.

Instead of repeating myself I'm going to provide a link to my journal that contains the information - and several comments from our members.


I have to believe this extreme opiate phobic climate will change, the pendulum will swing back. Our state and federal legislators have or will have pain at some point. (I never wish anyone pain but it's a fact of life.) Additionally they, their aging parents, siblings and loved ones will be subject to the same opiate prescribing guidelines. It's my belief that no one really want to see ppl suffer - there has to be a middle ground. It will come in time.

As promised I have posted the update in my journal. A thank you to the astute member that found the proposed guidelines before I did and forwarded them to me.

My Best to You All,
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Another Community Leader in MedHelp shared an update with me on the CDC proposed Guidelines. Thank you so much!  Here's the link:


This particular update was posted on the Pain News Network - which if you don't know is a good source for Chronic Pain Patients. They share in our fight for better pain management.

I hope I haven't mislead anyone to believe that the CDC is the only governmental agency to propose guidelines. Indeed many other agencies already have guidelines in place including the DEA and FDA. That's what makes the CDC "two cents" even more maddening to me. How many guidelines does this country need? It's pretty clear that pain management is highly regulated and over scrutinized. But y'all know my feelings on the subject!

Happy 2016. Let's hope that this year will bring more fairness and understanding into pain management.

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Hello and Welcome. I'm glad you found us and took the time to post your question. I am sorry that you have Chronic Pain. We know how disruptive that can be to daily living. We are here to offer our support and information.  I hope you'll join us in doing the same.

It's my understanding that most states are taping - or reducing the dose of opiates for most of us chronic pain patients. Indeed my opiates were cut by 65% one month in early 2014. No taper, no warning, just Bam!! It was a tough go and I have never been well managed nor as functional since that date. These "guidelines" have in essence become law!

The "fear" instilled in our PMP is in part due to the rising deaths from OD. I've done a lot of reading, a lot. Most of us - including some well known physicians and pharmacists believe that these statistics today are not true ones. Included in these numbers are suicides and drug addicts. It's also noteworthy - again according to what I have read - that when a death occurs and the deceased has an opiate in their system (even when not lethal) their death is often reported as opiate related. You'd be surprised at way these deaths are recorded/reported.  Everyone appears to have jumped on the bandwagon - on what I call the War on Chronic Pain Patients.

Of interest - our Federal Surgeon General was recently interviewed on a national news telecast. He stated we had lost the "War on Drugs" and it was misnamed! He chooses not to call it that anymore and said he anticipated changes to reflect the new goal(s). He evaded direct questions regarding details. He hinted that it would be more directed at illegal drugs rather than prescription drugs.

We all know that prescription drugs fell into the hands of our youth and addicts and became a popular street drug - largely due to home medicine cabinets and the easy availability in some areas. Illegal Pill Mills and Greedy physicians abounded in FL and millions were made. We honest Chronic Pain patients are now paying the price - and will continue to pay it for a few years to come. As predicted the "drug problem" didn't get better, addicts weren't cured in masses - they just found other drugs. You guessed - when the accessibility of prescription drugs dried up heroin took the front seat. All that really happened was a change in the drugs and sanctions on those that truly require opiate therapy.

As I said above, I do believe in time the pendulum will swing back - at least to some degree.

It is also my hope that through this current opiate-phobic climate better ways will be found to control pain. Like most of you, I've tried all the  treatments that are/were appropriate in treating my condition(s). It's my opinion that today many of the so called pain management treatments border barbaric.

Sorry, this has become a rather long response to your short and to the point question. My answer was yes, these "guidelines" appear to effect every state. There are exception scattered across the USA. There are still a few brave and compassionate PMPs that RX according to their patient's pain - and not what the government dictates. They do so responsibly and not willy-nilly.  Our physician's need to take a stance. They need to regain their power in treating patients - as they see fit. This includes reporting and weeding out the few remaining "bad" and greedy ones. Trust must be earned so we can once again let physicians do the "doctoring" and get the government out of our clinic waiting rooms.

Enough! Sorry - there I go again. :o)

I wish you the best with your tapering. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. I hope you'll be active in our community.

Warm Regards,
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Thank you Tuck, this is  important information.  I appreciate you taking the time to give it to everyone, Dee
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