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Under arm, rib, shoulder pain

For the past year I have been experiencing pain on my right side...in my under arm and somewhat into my breast, shoulder and shoulde blade, rib cage (side) and the back of my rib cage. The pain is mostley when I turn or twist.

I have been to a pain mangement dr that put me on tryciclids (2 different kinds), my primary dr that said he thinks I have Fibromyalgia, a new primary dr that can't seem to think of anything, a chiropractor, and physical therapy. Nothing has helped. I have taken 4 different pain med, prozac, cymbalta, 3 different muscle relaxers. I have had Mri's, Abdominal ultrasounds for Gallbladder, tons of blood test for liver and kidney fuction, cbc. Everything comes back ok. I have tried heat and ice.

I am about 100 lbs overweight, I have large breast, but the pain is only on the right side. I also had a mammogram, they want to re xray the right side because they say I my breast are large and it was hard to see through the xray. I work at a computer all day.  

The pain ranges from burning in the shoulder & blade, and aching to sharp everywhere else.

I don't know what to do, but it hurts. Any suggestions?
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hey did you ever solve your problem? because it sound like i have the same thing. I also work at a desk that's when the problem started. if you solved your problem please let me know. thanks
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Why hasn't anybody checked your rotator cuff????
A torn rotator cuff or impingement would cause pain in all those places.
Have them check.
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Girl I have the exact same thing. It was like reading my own diary. I just had neck surgery in my and now this pain. i'm going to see a ortho next month and have an MRI done.
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i have basically the exact same pain for about 7 months now, its killing me and no dr seems to kniow what it is, i suddenly started having seizures in may and they wanna blame it on that, my whole right side hurts and goes numb, my bones hurt, its crazy and everyone seems to think im crazy, so glad to find someone similar, have you found anything out
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