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Unprofessional Doctor's Office HUGE Problem

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting here, but you seem like a very helpful, nice community. I have been going to the same PM doctor for almost three years. For about the past six months the staff, particularly the receptionist has become increasingly unprofessional. I put up with it initially because I absolutely LOVE my doctor and I have a very complicated case & am on injection type meds. Everyone knows how hard it is to find a good doctor so I really didn't want to switch. Also, it is very difficult-nearly impossible to find a doctor to prescribe that type of medication. Unfortunately, it's the only thing that helps and I have been on it for over six years. Anyway, at first, the receptionist kept giving me a hard time telling me that I was taking too long with the doctor and threatening that if I didn't hurry up that she was going to double the cost of my visit. My doctor is very thorough and takes his time and asks lots of questions-how am I supposed to hurry him up? Also, my visit is already $200 every 28 days-sometimes I wait for hours and hours. I did what I could to speed up the visits; as there is no way that I can afford $400 but she kept at me. She went so far as to spread my medical diagnosis to like 20 people in the waiting room saying that they have cancer patients that don't take as long and saying out loud where everyone can hear what my problem is. After this happened twice, I pulled her aside and politely asked her to please not violate my privacy. She claimed to be having a bad day. It got worse and worse. For one thing, for the past year or so, they have not been taking any vital signs before I go in (or anyone). I thought this was wierd and asked my doctor to see my chart- lo and behold there were numbers filled in every month just a point or two or a pound or two different. I was shocked that the receptionist was falsifying my medical records! About three months ago they started taking them again. I had gained weight over the past year, but my records show that I gained 25 lbs in four weeks! Two months ago I came in for my regular appointment and found out that my doctor was out of town. I had been PROMISED that I would NEVER have to see a different doctor. I requested that my appointment be rescheduled but the receptionist refused. I was told that this doctor would follow what I had been getting. Well, when I saw him he cut my meds by %70! He also said that I had to get a new MRI & go see a neurologist. I went to a neurologist for three years almost weekly there is nothing else they could possibly do. I went along with it figuring my doctor would straighten out the situation the next month. The alternate doctor also made all sorts of inappropriate comments to me including about my religion. It was so horrible and humiliating. He also said that my doctor was senile and didn't know what he was doing. The next month when I came in I told my doctor what happened and he basically straightened everything out. On the way out he handed my chart to the receptionist and gave her the information about my next appointment. As I was leaving, he gave me a hug and kiss and then asked me "what did the other doctor say about me?" I leaned over about an inch from his ear and whispered some of what was said. He gave me a hug and said he would see me soon. When I went to pay and get my scripts, the receptionist started screaming at me that she was so mad at me and that she heard what I said about doctor so and so. There was no way she heard me. First of all, there was a wall between us. Secondly, I whispered. The most she could have heard was his question. What's the difference if she heard me? What goes on between my doctor and me is confidential. She has absolutely no medical qualifications-why should she make decisions about my medical care? She screamed so everyone could hear that I had better give her my money quickly or she would throw me out. It was a horrible scene. I left not knowing what to think. I didn't receive a letter or anything so when my appointment came around I went in and was told that I had to leave. I requested my medical records and was refused. She said that the only way I could get them was to go to another doctor and sign a release. I told her I wanted them for myself and was told that I couldn't have them. I really don't know what to do. I feel like my HIPPA rights have been violated and that my health has been put into jeopardy by an unprofessional staff. I have no way to talk to my doctor without going through her. I'm considering contacting a lawyer. The truth is I don't want to find another doctor it's going to be a huge hassle. I don't think they should get away with treating me that way. I am so frustrated and upset. Sorry for going on so long but I wanted to give the details to get an honest opinion. Thank you so much.
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Wow!!!! I would retain an attorney and would also write a letter to this reception lady's boss. If she treats you this way, just imagine how many other ppl she treats similar.
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I think that's what I'm going to to tomorrow am. I got the name of an attorney from my pharmacist (whom I trust VERY much) who is a friend of his and is a pharmacist as well as an attorney....

Thanks squirtatious ;)

Anyone think I would have a case? It's not money I'm looking for, although I've spent at least $20,000 there in the past three years, I just don't think that they should get away with treating me or anyone else this way. I only summarized what happened there was more...

I heard lots about other patients private medical issues, results of their drug tests etc..
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Wow.  It does sound like an awful situation.  Can you call and ask to speak to an office manager or a nurse?  Usually in any practice there's more than one person behind the desk.
Honestly, if it were me, I'd probably stand there and stare at the woman in disbelief and demand to see the office manager right then.  Especially if there were a room full of patients who overheard her speaking about my health issues and being extremely rude.  I would also tell the doctor and whoever in the office I could get ahold of.  I'm guessing if she is that way with you, she's probably had other complaints.

I don't know if I neccessarily think it would be a court case.  It's hard to prove that she did anything unless she intetionally wrote false things in your medical records, etc.
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They have more than one office- I called the original office several times trying to get in touch with a woman who had helped me out after I saw that other doctor two months ago. I didn't get too specific here but he said some awful things to me in addition to cutting my meds by 70% in one month. Luckily, on any given month, I take much less then I'm actually prescribed--unless I'm having a horrible month. When I finally got in touch with her after the last incident with the receptionist- she wouldn't talk with me and just told me to find another doctor. When I asked her why, I was given no reason. She told me I'd have to talk to my doctor. So, I went in to the office- I was refused contact with the doctor & also my records. I was also threatened by security. The SECURITY GUARD told me that my doctor doesn't own the office (duh!) and explained that if I came back that they would call the cops! I was completely polite, never raised my voice & left after I confirmed that they were refusing me my records and a valid reason as to why I was being discharged. My friend witnessed the whole thing &  actually video taped some of it with her phone. I'm afraid they're going to tamper with my records, like put a fake drug test in there or something. I'm going to call the lawyer & see if he can perhaps write a letter or compel them to give me my records in their entirety so there are no surprises when I go to another doctor and they confirm my DX etc...
Thanks everyone. I'm really freaking out.
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