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Urine test at pain management

I have been seeing my pain management Dr. for almost 4 years.
Was previously at the methadone clinic for 5 years before seeing my phsycian aka: Pain mgmnt.
Anyhow I go bi-monthly in December they gave me a urine test. The only things I took was my Methadone which they prescribe me and 3-4 days back took a 30mg roxy and a 1mg xanex which is not prescribed to me.
So took the oxy on Thursday & the Xanex on Friday or Saturday and my urine test at the pain management was the following Monday.

After all the years i've always seen my Dr. well yesterday I get a call saying that my appt was pushed up to 2 instead of 1:30 and I would be seeing the Physicians Assistant.
Am I introuble? I've been taking Metadone on a regular basis for well over 9 years and if they cut me i'm in a lot of trouble:(
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Did you sign a "pain contract" stating you would only take pain medications prescribed by the pain center? If you did yes, you are at risk for being discharged from the clinic. If you didn't sign the contract, they may or may not ask you to show them prove, like a prescription from a dr, that you are legally prescribed the roxy and xanex. Do you have breakthrough pain that methadone doesn't take care of? If so, you should really speak to your dr about that before taking anything that isn't prescribed to you. Not trying to scare you but the same EXACT situation happened with my good friend, and since she signed the contract, she was discharged from the pain center. She had to go back to the doctor that reffered her to pain management and come clean. The center wouldn't take her back, but her dr and her came up with alternative treatment that wasn't narcotic based. Good luck to you. Keep us posted as to what happens.
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i believe the roxy would be out of your system but i am not sure about xanax.  xanax i believe is a long lasting anti anxiety and am not sure how long it is detectable.  you know what is expected of you and pain management docs don't play around.  if it is not detected this time please don't put yourself in this position again.  they will discharge you if you get caught.  stop now.

good luck and your in my prayers-
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Hi - You can usually "fail" one test, but have no illusions you are in for a chewing out and possible discharge. They are taking this a lot more serious these days. I think as long as you are OK the next time, you shouldn't have any issues. Just remember that you will be flagged and probably tested monthly now. My brother got dismissed for failing two in a row (xanax, alcohol and pot). Good luck.
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So the fact thye want me to see the PA instead of my doctor is a pretty good indication that my usrine is bad then:(
Because in the almost 4 years i've been going there they have never had me see a PA.
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I should mention though that they did allow me to break up my urine test in 2 payments so I didn't have to pay the whole $100 up front. But then again if they are gonna kick me out iy wouldn't matter because after co-pay and stuff they would get thier $100 anyhow.
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I guess nobody can really speculate as to why you are seeing the PA today. It's very possible it's because your UA showed other drugs in it, but maybe not. You are just going to have to see what they have to say. What are you going to say to them if they question these other drugs in your system?
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Well I have been taking Xanex off and on from depression a few month prior I tried killing my self and my wife gives me them when I have panic attacks and restlessness.
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Did you take the roxy cuz of break through pain?
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I've been struggling with addiction to opiates for many years. And after I lost my job and my mother died things just seemed to twist in a downward spiral.
The hopelessness of addiction & the failure I feel is unbearable It sickens me that i've done thsi to my family & friends.
Mthadone keeps me on a semi normal path but without out my depression spirals so badly it's uncontrollable.
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Guess what I am saying is I self medicate.
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I understand. I was in the same boat! I self medicated all the time. I am coming up on 40 days clean. Have you thought about trying to get off all opiates and try some counseling and anti-depressants? I know that's not for everybody, but it has helped many. I have found that coming off the drugs actually put me in a better state mentally. Not perfect, but better. The opiates have a way of really twisting and distorting our minds. Its such a fine line that we, as addicts, walk. We have come to mentally believe life is better on the pills, when in fact they become much worse. I lost all my care. While that was heaven for a while, my life really began to suffer. My children began to suffer. My family in general began to suffer. I thought I was doing wonderful in my own drug induced mind. But when you take away the ability to truly feel and care, life really becomes unbearable sooner or later. I have had thoughts, while on the pills, that I never would have thought being sober. It's scary! I really hope that you don't take this as me preaching at you to get clean. Only you can decide if that is what you want. I am just simply sharing my life with you. Take what you would like and leave the rest? I hope you continue to post on here as well. So many people here, including myself, have been where you are now. We can offer great advice, or just listen. Whatever you need!
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Oh, did you in, infact, sign a pain contract with the clinic? Ive got some running to do, I will check back with you shortly.
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