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Vascular surgery

I wanted know what vascular surgery is pls could u help me out. I have vascular surgery appointment for my hand next month. I was wondering if u can help me out by letting me know what it is and what kinds ot test r done in it. I would be so greatful for ur help.
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Hello Gurneet,

Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum. I see you have been a member of MedHelp since 2003 but I do not see any information or other posts. I was attempting to learn a bit about your condition.

Jaybay has summed it a vascular surgeon well. They treat vascular diseases. Vascular disease includes any condition that affects the circulatory system. Vascular disease ranges from diseases of your arteries, veins, and lymph vessels to blood disorders that affect circulation.

Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) or Peripheral artery disease (PAD) and atherosclerosis examples of diseases of the blood vessels. They more commonly effect the  lower extremities or the heart's circulatory system but they can effect any vessel. Arm Artery Disease effects the hands. Atherosclerosis is the main cause of arm artery disease.

Raynaud’s disease and Buerger’s disease are two more commonly known PAD's or arm artery diseases that effect the hands.

If you could provide us with more details we may be able to offer more specific information. Please let us know how you are doing.

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A vascular surgeon specializes in the treatment of veins and their various disorders.  For example, if someone has varicose veins that are severe enough to cause blood clots, a vascular surgeon will treat that condition - among many others. Can you tell us what condition you have that needs a vascular surgeon?
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Vericous veins in leg. Had accute swelling. So badly leg was 3 times the size. Slowly healing. Trying to decide if once healed up if having them removed would be best option
If you look under the alphabetical listings- scroll down to ‘V’- you will see a verifies veins forum. I know injections can be done to treat them but beyond that, I know next to nothing about other options.
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