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Very Bad Left and Right knees, Need answers to my question ASAP thanks

I am a male of 38yrs old i have a major problem with my left and right knees, i get severe pain in the knee caps, there is No swelling.  Most times i can not get up and down stairs, there to painful to kneel on and i am very painful to walk, i had an xray but no problem was seen, i need a second opinion please.
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Hi Tuck,

Thanks for your reply it's very helpful, i forgot to say it's not me with bad knee's it's my Husband.  He will be getting a second opinion and demanding an MRI Scan, The knees creak alot going upstairs and he takes ages getting upstairs because of all the pain he is in, he normal can bare alot of pain but this is crucifying him, his job is painting and decorating his own business so really he needs this sorted so i will keep you informed of how he gets on, i will make him appointment with one of our other doctors on monday.

Thanks again for your info will be in toutch soon. will look forward to hearing from you soon. Jobygirl
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Hello Jobygirl,

Please excuse my tardy response to your post.

Knee pain is always difficult to deal with as our knees are such a major part of ambulation and motion. My heart goes out to you!  The knee is a very complex joint and the largest of it's kind in our body. Consider not just the joint but the

I have painful knees also.... indeed "bad knees" are a given for every female in our family. The pain you are experiencing may not be joint related and therefore not reveal on an x-ray. As you know that's the first diagnostic tool a medical provider will use... regardless of the fact that it is a very limited tool and provides very limited information.

A thought is your pain may be due to a problem with the patellas (knee caps). I have what's called fistulas on the under-surface of the kneecap. It actually means that I have "cracks" in that area. It's very painful at times and surgery has been recommended. I am wondering if you too may have a similar problem. Steps or that motion produces the most pain for me and that is another reason I question if you may have a similar condition to mine.

It will require more advanced imaging than an x-ray to diagnosis your knee pain. An MRI will provide a better detailed picture of the structure of your knee. I encourage you to request one.  In my opinion you may also benefit from an Orthopedic Consult. Be assertive.

I hope you'll let us know how you are doing.  We'll look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best of Luck,
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