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Very Sharp Middle-Upper, Back Pain


I have this really 'sharp' but more like 'annoying' feeling 'upper-back-left' pain than anything else, as I'm not feeling sick a bit and I'm perfectly alert and in fact want to be at work. This is the second time in 2-3 months.

//  The region of the pain is on the left side of my back - 'middle-upper back' & 'about an inch left of the spine' - spreading an area of about '8-10 inches vertically'. I can't remember now how it cured the last time around, but I saw a physiotherapist then and visiting him actually 'worsened' the pain later. It stayed for 2-3 of days.  //

It started really negligible, but now have grown to a point when I can't breath well if I try to relax-down my back or if I lie down on a bed. It's a sharp, oscillating kind of pain that's absolutely 'non-existent' at certain postures and 'too sharp to halt breathing' at other moments while walking or lying down.

Please help!

p.s. I do smoke regularly (about 10-12 since last 6-7 years) but I can run most of my friend out on a flat-out run of 100-200 meters. I work out (not heavy but moderate) regularly. Eat well, very little junk foods. Body-Fat is about 12-14%
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Having sharp pains when you breathe can be from a lung problem, or bruised muscles, especially if you have done any physical exercise or have lifted any heavy objects that you are not used to.

Thoracic spinal problems can also cause very sharp pains, especially if a nerve is being aggravated.

Make an urgent appointment to see your doctor to examine your lungs.  If the doctor hears that there is a problem in the lungs, he may prescribe an antibiotic or send you for a chest xray.

A bone xray would show if you have any problems in the spine and the thoracic area.  The thoracic area is the part of the spine that in between the neck bones (cervical) and the lower spine (lumbar).

A rib is not a moving joint, but it can get broken with a fall for example.  The treatment for any rib problem and thoracic problems are usually pain relief medications and physiotherapy for thoracic problems.

Make an urgent appointment to see your doctor.
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I recommend you get in to see your Dr. It sounds like may have a rib out of place. This can happen at any time, even during your sleep if you turn the wrong way. Your Dr will of course examine your back and possibly take an X-Ray to find out if this is the problem.
Try getting in as soon as you can. Keep us up to date on how you're doing and what your Dr says. We're always here to listen and help anyway we can.
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I have the same pain but mine's still here. You just need pain meds aspirin and antibiotics amoxicillin. It could be just bad posture or something with your spine. .if it gets worse check it out
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