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I was born with spinabifida which resulted in me being At the age of eighteen I started experiencing severe pain in my hip area but tried to brush it off as "menstrual pain" until it because unbearable so I went to a specialist to have testing done and was told I had hip dysplasia (the cup that holds the ball joint had completely deteriorated & the hip was slowly deteriorating).. at this point I was told I had two options one being hip infections to try to stop the pain or to go to pain management because I couldn't build the muscle for a hip replacement.. fast forward injections didn't work so I went to pain management.. I go every two months and I've been going for 6 years now with no problem until recently I was told my tests have been showing there's nothing in my system so I asked could I get blood work done or hair follicle to prove I have been taking my medicine and was denied by the doctor.. I have never not had my count I have always followed the rules so my question is.. is there anything I can do to prove I have taken the meds?
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You can ask your primary to order the hair strand testing- however, the PM still may not accept the results.
Was the urine testing sent out to the lab for confirmatory testing/levels testing? Or was this simply an in office screen?
Typically, most PM offices use both- a screen in office, which simply gives a positive/negative result- followed by the urine being sent to a lab for actual levels of the metabolites of the prescribed medications, and how much is in your system. These confirmatory tests look at the mentabolites in your body, giving accurate levels, even if you might be below the in office screening thresholds for a positive result. The lab testing also reveals if you are taking the meds as prescribed.
False positives/negatives with the gc/ms testing done in labs is highly accurate.
As far as requesting a second test now goes, unless a back up testing is done immediately within hrs of a negative result, it is useless as far as correcting a false negative. Too much time has passed, and drs typically dismiss the request and patient.
How many tests have come back negative? It sounds like more than one?
Were you made aware of any other tests not showing the meds? What meds are you taking? How often and when was your last dosing prior to the testing?
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