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Weak stomach

I guess there are a couple of us having rough mornings. Monday I could not keep anything down. Yesterday was the same except I thought maybe yesterday had a little something to do with the anesthesia from them putting me to sleep to do the nerve block. This morning I have had no luck with my breakfast. This tends to happen to me on and off and I get really aggravated. There is no reason I should not be able to eat food and digest it. It seems a normal body function. I have taken my zofran and am hoping that that is the end of it. I took phenegren for a couple of years when needed but earlier this year when my hubby took me to the ER they gave me zofran and I found it worked WAY better than the phenegran. But it seems lately like it's kinda lost its luster and is not as efficient as it once was. I just got a sprite and am trying to sip my way through that. Anybody have any suggestions? Do you think its from the ulcers? I just don't have a reason to explain why this happens so often.
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I have heard of drinking room temp drinks but not sure where from either.
Can you change back to the phenegren? that is what I took last night. I would give it some time maybe you just got a stomach thing going on. I hope you are feeling better and able to keep something down.
Hang in there
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I like 7up, too!

Has anyone ever heard drink room temp drinks instead of cold drinks when you have nausea? I cannot remember where I heard it, but I do follow that advice, too.

I bet a lot of people have some great home remedies for nausea!
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Ohhh... I hate nausea!  I always use ginger or gingerale to help when I have it.

There are even some medical studies that support it.  In the largest study to date evaluating the benefits of ginger for patients undergoing chemotherapy, as little as one-quarter of a teaspoon of ginger cut symptoms of nausea by 40%.

They say that gingerale and even ginger cookies may help as long as they contain at least one-quarter to one-half teaspoon of fresh or dry ginger (ginger flavoring does not work).

I believe that Canada Dry had a commercial recently where they clam their soda contains real ginger (and jokingly could be sold in the produce section of the market) and not ginger flavoring like some other sodas.

Hope you find something that works - no one like nausea!!!

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7up is a good one for an upset tummy. Works for me.
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Thank you Tuck. So far so good. I ate some crackers and seem to be doing better. I'll let you know how it goes.
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I am sorry that you are having such a bad morning and that this is not all that unusual for you.

Do you mean that you have stomach ulcers? I apologize that I do not recall your medical conditions. If you have or have had ulcers and a history of gastric problems than my guess would be your nausea and vomiting is related to them. However it is difficult to say that with any certainty, It could also be from a virus.

When I was a small child my grandmother would give me coca cola for nausea. She said when she was young the doctors use to tell them to get coke syrup from the local drug store for nausea. Back then they hand what was called "soda fountains" where they mixed cherry cokes, fizzes and the like. I have always used coca-cola for nausea and vomiting and it has been fairly effective.

Your system may have become tolerant of the zofran. You might want to switch to another antiemetic for awhile.  I would discuss that possibility with your physician.

I hope you are soon feeling better. headaches, nausea and vomiting, such common occurrences can be extremely difficult to deal with. I just hate it when I have anyone of these. I hope you can find a better solution than the zofran.

Please let us know how you are doing.

Take Care,
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